We just added an 8 ounce size of Resp-Aid to our SeaChange webstore.


You can also get it in a 4 ounce size.


One 8 ounce bottle of Resp-Aid (enough for 96 nebulizer treatments). The 4 ounce size is enough for 48 treatments.

Resp-Aid contains a mixture of Scaler Silver* and Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to be used in a Nebulizer to help relieve congested Lungs as in the case of Asthma, Pneumonia, Pleurisy, Bronchitis, and chronic coughs. This is a wonderful natural remedy for all respiratory conditions.

What is Scaler Silver?
The process for making the scaler silver that is used in Resp-Aid is a unique process that creates silver particles so fine they disperse through the body in a similar fashion to how a gas does. Getting into cells and killing pathogens with greater ability then ordinary colloidal or ionic silver products.

One of the worlds leading physicists, considered to be the father of electro-medicine today, Robert C. Beck, tested these three forms of silver for penetrability. He found that all forms of colloidal and Ionic silver had a 5% to 6% effectiveness for penetrating certain membranes. When he tested Scaler Silver he was astonished to see 100% penetration!

Another major distinction between this scaler silver and all others is that due to its energetic and etheric nature, it doesnít break down. Direct sunlight does not change itís composition even after years of exposure.

*Product Highlight: Scaler Silver at 2000 ppm contains the best available ultra-high purity elemental silver with no particles large enough to reflect light, and will not result in Silver Nitrate formation, or discoloration of the skin.

Disclaimer: Scaler Silver is not for the specific treatment of any disease process.