Newport Beach orthopedic and sports medicine specialist Dr. Ralph Venuto ( joins Florida-based StemMD, the nationally-renowned network of specialists providing leading edge, innovative cellular medicine to help patients avoid or postpone invasive joint replacement surgery. Dr. Venuto has been chosen to be the exclusive providers for all California area patients wanting to treat painful arthritic knees and shoulders with non-surgical regenerative alternatives.

The StemMD network of specialists is focused on restoration rather than surgery; this approach is helping thousands of people around the country to reduce pain, improve mobility and get back to living without discomfort. StemMD is a one-of-a-kind health care network that has connected a number of world-renowned board certified surgeons who specialize in some of the most innovative and advanced healing solutions available in medicine today.

"I'm an outspoken advocate for joint preservation in my own practice already," says Dr. Venuto, recognized as one of the premier orthopedic surgeons in Orange County. "Working with a group of elite medical professionals who share a similar treatment philosophy is an incredible opportunity."

StemMD focuses on creating customized care packages to patients based on age, current state of health and condition severity. Newer technologies and techniques are making this option more accessible and a popular choice for patients compared to surgery; which comes with possible complications, on-going physical therapy and lengthy recovery times.

As we age, the number of bone marrow cells decreases. We make up for this by adding cells from adipose tissue, as well. StemMD has pioneered an approach that allows for successful, efficient harvesting from adipose (fatty) tissue. This rich source contains a much higher concentration of mesenchymal cells than bone marrow (95 percent compared to 25-50 percent). The combination of bone marrow with cells from adipose tissue has proven to be most effective.

Unlike bone marrow, adipose-derived mesenchymal cells can be collected in larger quantities. They also don't require culturing before use; this means that extraction and treatment administration can happen much closer together.

"This field is very exciting, especially when looking at joint health," says Dr. Venuto, whose California sports medicine practice focuses on nonsurgical options for patients. "Groups like StemMD are helping to move this option to the forefront of medicine where it belongs. With the right help, many patients can look forward to a life without pain again."

Dr. Ralph Vento ( is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Newport Beach serving all of Orange County, California. He specializes in the care of conditions and injuries of the knee and shoulder joints, and also is a well-known sports medicine physician. Through the use of minimally invasive techniques such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, he is helping patients recover quickly and return to the activities they love most.