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Thread: Dr. Feinerman

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    Default Dr. Feinerman

    I was wondering how many of you have gone to Dr. Feinerman and what resualts you have had. I have severe copd and have considered going this route.
    However, most of the internet posts say this won't work ,and that Feinerman is just taking advantage of disperate people. I believe that Barbara has had some experience as they mentioned her name when I called the clinic to ask a few questions....
    What can any of you folks tell me?

    Jim Marshall
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    Hi Jim, I'm Carla from Uruguay. I have severe COPD also, and I had Dr. Feinermanīs treatment on November 29. I really don't think there is fraud behind this stem cell treatment, and Dr. Feinerman and team were very professional and kind. But stem cell is certainly not fully proved to ensure results for everyone. I feel a little better, but I'm still on oxygen. I think is too early to make a final opinion, but I am optimist. I think we cannot expect a radical change, but little advances. And my strategy is: if it does not make me worse, I try it (if I can collect the money, of course)


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    Default Thanks Carla

    Naturally, I am concerned not only for what is left of my health, but also the money....
    Feinerman certainly appears "colorful" according to all the posts about him on the internet.

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    I'm not sure what internet posts you are reading Jim, but what do you mean that it won't work? Stem cells in general or Dr. Feinerman's treatment or what?

    Many others and I have been very active in calling out the media because they fail to vet their sources. These sources, in many instances, have conflicts of interest. I would urge you to read through some of the posts in the General Discussion section and other areas on this forum. There is a war being waged in this country over patients' rights to use their own body parts as a practice of medicine. That's what the entire lawsuit is about that the FDA has brought against Regenerative Sciences. If you haven't been a frequent reader of the forum, you may not understand what is going on in this country, but to put it in a nutshell, if patients can get well or improve their lives dramatically using their own stem cells with a procedure they can get from a doctor, it would mean a loss of jobs and billions and billions of dollars for drug companies, universities, the FDA and others who benefit from our misfortune of being ill. Patients are the ONLY ones without a conflict of interest.

    I had treatment last February from Dr. Feinerman. To date, it's the best treatment I've ever had and I've had a lot of them. It has given me back the ability to do many things I had given up on. That being said, could I guarantee that you or anyone would get the same results? The answer is no. I can only state that I am very happy that I made the decision I did.

    I do take supplements as well as a few other things post treatment that Dr. Feinerman has suggested and I also have an acupuncture treatment once a month. I think it is a combination of factors that have helped me.

    If the FDA would modernize itself and implement former FDA commissioner Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach's idea to allow all those that seek treatment to be able to get it (once safety is established) and then to have those patients be part of a national registry which would be used to determine efficacy, then perhaps we would be making great progress in determining what works best and why for different patients and different diseases. Instead, due to the politics involved and those with conflicts of interest who simply do not want patients to be able to access their own stem cells as a practice of medicine, then we are left simply with no choice but to make our own decisions whether or not we wish to try an experimental treatment.

    The regulatory system in this country is doing more harm than good at this point. There are very few on this forum who have decades to wait for the very long, expensive clinical trial process to be conducted to determine efficacy. What is the point anyway, when millions of patients would be available via a registry system that would track their ongoing progress and in the process undoubtedly improve the quality of life for millions? It is senseless what is going on in this country in the name of "protection" for patients.

    Carla - It was nice to get your comments about your treatment. I agree that the treatment I received was also very professional and Dr. Feinerman and his staff are very kind and caring. I also feel that an optimistic attitude plays a very positive role. I hope that you continue to improve.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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    Default Thanks Barbara

    I do keep an open mind,but I have just strated researching all this. I did a few years back, but the clinics that were being praised were later found to be less than ethical, so I backed off.
    I appreciate your imput, and I may yet move forward with the treatment once I do more research.

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    Default stem cell therapy

    Thank You Barbara for being such an advocate for people who are so ill. I have copd and so glad I found you sight.\

    I went last Monday to Tampa for Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Finerman and his staff were very helpful and professional. Whether this works is to soon to tell.
    But I hate all the prednisone, antibiotics, etc, etc. my doctor puts me on, when I get ill. They are poison but I at this stage of the game I don't have any other choice.

    I wish we had the lobbyist in DC to promote Adult Stem Cell therapy, like Big Pharma does. We need to start writing our Congressman to bring this back on the table. I know Stem Cell Transplants were taken off the table because of attempts to use embylical cords from aborted babies, for transplants. It turned into a religious war, so instead of looking at the various kinds of stem cell treatments available, the whole matter was dropped. We need lobbyist.

    Insurance will pay for lung transplants and lung reduction surgeries, which are much more costly then Adult Stem Cell Therapy. You would think they would rather try a process that may make people better, without putting them through all the agony those surgeries involve. It is all about money.

    God Bless your work.

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    Welcome aircas and thank you for posting. I hope you will continue to give us updates.

    I'm afraid that Big Pharma's contributions to politicians are hard to compete with. The media driven idea that stem cell therapy is all about embryonic stem cells is false. The media makes no effort in most cases to distinguish between adult stem cells (our own) or embryonic stem cells or any other kind of stem cells. Adult stem cells have no moral or ethical objections and never have. There was never a blanket ban on embryonic stem cell research either. Bush did prohibit federal funding of new lines of embryonic stem cells. Existing lines or private funding for research was never prohibited.

    The story is complicated but after dealing with this for years, it boils down to power, profits and politics. Think about the billions and billions of dollars that Big Pharma makes on medications. Think about all the grant money that universities get. Think about researchers who can now hold patents on the research they do. Think about the FDA and how it receives a great amount of its funds for new drug and device applications. Think about politicians who have made a huge case for embryonic stem cell research and turned it into a political agenda. Think about the media who doesn't even bother to vet sources and rakes in huge advertising dollars from drug companies. Then you can start to understand why there is so much opposition to adult stem cells administered by doctors. Too much money is at stake and those who oppose it the most are those who stand to lose the most. Billions and billions of dollars are at stake.

    Luckily, other countries are advancing rapidly. As that happens newer and better therapies should develop. That will put pressure on the U.S.
    First treatment in 2007. Pioneering ever since.


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