A Bergen County, New Jersey pain management and spine clinic is reporting excellent results with non-embryonic adult stem cell injection therapy


HACKENSACK, N.J., June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A spine clinic Bergen County recognized as a leader in pain management and orthopedic treatments is now offering a revolutionary treatment for individuals with chronic joint problems using the patient's own stem cells. Performed at Spine & Joint Center by Dr. Damon Noto, the treatment utilizes adult stem cells harvested from the patient's own fat cells (not controversial embryonic stem cells), which are then injected into the injured joint to help stimulate the regeneration of healthy tissue.

This stem cell therapy has made recent headlines in the baseball world, where it has helped injured New York Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon make a full recovery from a serious shoulder injury and pitch his first full season since 2005. The treatment required no artificial hormones, and 38-year-old Colon's athletic performance since the treatment rivals that of players in their early 20s.

Stem cells are body cells with the potential to develop into any specialized type of cell. By introducing the body's own stem cells - harvested from body fat over the oblique muscles (the "love handles") - the treatment helps the body recover by regenerating the damaged joint tissue. The procedure is low-risk, minimally invasive, office-based, and can be completed in only 90 minutes. The patient can leave the office that same day, and substantial recovery is typically seen within 6-8 weeks. The treatment is very effective because it utilizes the body's own natural regeneration materials to rebuild damage in areas that unavoidably receive less blood flow, thus receiving fewer stem cells. By introducing stem cells at the site of injury, doctors can give the body a boost by delivering the patient's own natural regenerative materials directly to the afflicted joint.

At Spine & Joint Center, Dr. Noto is one of the few doctors in the New York area who perform this procedure - and he's seeing an extremely high success rate as well as an increase in patients interested in the procedure. "This is something we couldn't have offered before," says Dr. Noto, "and now we have this as an option. We used to have to replace things with hardware, but now we can stimulate the body to produce new tissue." Stem cell treatment offers new hope and a fast, full recovery to patients with orthopedic injuries and patients who have tried surgical procedures without success.

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