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Thread: Stem Cell for my Niece

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    Default Stem Cell for my Niece

    Hi Everyone!

    I am so happy I found this board. I will post my nieces story and I hope to be able to find helpful information for my family as we continue to funraise and fight on for Mikaela.

    Mikaela Jayde Magner is a 2 1/2 year old, Ocean County girl, who is very sick and needs the life saving medical treatment Stem Cell Regeneration. Mikaela suffers from a severe Seizure Disorder that has caused her to wear a helmet to protect her head from further brain damage.

    Mikaela was born April 24 2007 healthy under the care of Dr. Janet Henderson in Asbury NJ. At Eight Months old, she contracted Viral Meningitis. The Viral Meningitis she had caused a near fatal stroke and has destroyed a large portion of the left side of her brain. The left side of the brain is used for understanding and using language (listening, reading, speaking and writing)and also controlling the right side of the body.
    Mikaela was in Jersey Shore Medical for a month then discharged to Children Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick for intense inpatient therapy. She was then discharged home and was to receive therapy services through early intervention. Mikaela continued to make slow but steady progress, up until 16 months when she began to have the head drop seizures. Since then Mikaela has been on every FDA / Non FDA approved anti-seizure medication with no improvements. The seizures continued to progressively get worse. Because of all the medications and everything that this 2 1/2 year old little girl has gone through it has weakend her immune system so she can't even fight off the common cold.

    In Sept of 2009, Mikaela's parents took her to Dr. Orrin Devinsky, a Seizure Specialist, who informed them that Mikaela more then likely is fully or partially blind in her right eye. The doctor also informed her parents that Mikaela would need brain surgery to stop the seizures but the surgery could potentially impair her more physically and mentally then she already is.

    Mikaela's mother, Sarah, started researching Stem Cell Regeneration treatments and found out Mikaela is a candidate for the procedure. She came across Dr. Burton Feirnerman, who has done this treatment to several brain injured children with much success. This treatment is a better chance of having her become a healthy happy little girl without the further risk of more brain damage. It could repair the damaged parts of her brain, which would stop the seizures. It also could give her back her vision in the right eye. Treatment is not allowed in the United States even though the research was just passed by President Obama. Treatment is legal in Peru at the cost of $25,000. NJ Family Care Insurance will not cover Dr. Devinsky or the Stem Cell Treatment or even help with payments. Family and friends have stepped forward to aggressively begin fundraising so that Mikaela can receive the treatment she so desperately needs.
    Mikaela's mother, Sarah, had to leave her job because of Mikaela's medical condition and this has left very limited finances coming into the household.

    We are hoping to have raised the money for her so she can have the procedure done in March/April... We have a little more than half the money and we are aggressively fundraising and have a benefit on 1/31.

    If anyone has any info on the travel to Peru.. than would be helpful. My sister is very young to begin with and having to deal with a sick child I am trying to make any of this situation easier for her. I have found that continental airlines makes the direct flight... Im wondering if Mikaela could handl such a long flight though... I did see someone mentioned flying down to florida and then going the rest of the way..

    Thanks for any insight...


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    We did several fundraisers for Frank in the fall and raised all of the money necessary for the treatment and travel expenses. It was a lot of work, but it was an experience we'll never forget. We were touched by the kind and caring people, as well as businesses, that donated toward his cause.

    We'll be leaving in 6 days for Lima, Peru. We are going to stop in Miami, so Frank can have a break and rest, and then continue the next day to Lima. We'll do the same coming back.

    I know traveling with a sick person can be stressful. We have to take a portable concentrator along, suction machine, the meds have to be in place, etc. It is a lot of preparation, but can be done. We did it 1 1/2 years ago when going for his 1st stem cell treatment. We arranged for accessible seating as well as ground personal to help us lift him from his wheelchair into the airplane seat. I have our son accompany us, since our nursing agency won't let Frank's nurses go to another country. My son is very familar with Frank's care, so we'll be fine.

    I hope you'll be able to raise all of the money you need, so Mikaela can go for stem cell treatment.

    I wish you and your family the best of luck with your fundraising event.

    I will be praying for Mikaela, so she can soon start healing.

    Had UCSC treatment Aug. 14th, 2008
    Had UCSC treatment Jan. 25th, 2010
    Had autologous treatment Jan. 26th, 2010
    Had UCSC treatment Jan. 27th, 2010

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    Hi Holly,
    Welcome to the board! You have come to the right place. I am aware of your plight as I live in the Red Bank, NJ area. We are basically neighbors. Please be sure to check this boards section for the Cerebral Palsey. Several parents have had results using Dr. F in Peru. Also some have used Nepsis in Tijuana Mexico. These parents are most helpful. Please send me a private message about your next fundraiser here in NJ. There is something else we can do. We can talk to our representatives in Monmouth and Ocean county about getting stem cell treatments here in the US now not in 10yrs. They don't need the research as it has been proven to help. They need to "JUST DO IT."

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    Default Stem cell for brain injury

    Hi Holly,

    I know a family where the child used to get 15 - 16 seizures a day. They went for a stem cell treatment to Dr Geeta Shroff in Delhi, India in October 2009. The child as been seizure free since Mid December. Their name is Mr. Singh and the number is 00 91 9810447211.

    It's a good idea to talk to them directly and know about their experience first hand. I just though it was my duty to let you know about this lesser known clinic in India.

    Good Luck and God Bless your child.


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