The president of the PowerLung company sent me this. Don't forget, we are one of their authorized dealers and Jeannine and I and many of the other Pioneers do use and endorse this product. They are available at our store We sell them at the lowest price allowed by PowerLung for our members.

May 23, 2008
PowerLung Inc selected as 2008 Most Promising Life Science Company

Houston, TX - PowerLung, Inc, a Houston-based manufacturer of a patented device to reduce breathlessness by training and strengthening the muscles used for inhale and exhale breathing, has been selected as a 2008 Most Promising Life Science Company at the 7th Annual Life Science Technology Venture Forum. The Forum was sponsored by Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, held at Rice University on May 15, 2008. PowerLung was one of 10 companies selected for the honor.

PowerLung was asked to participate in the Elevator Pitch and Corporate Showcase sections of the program. "This event is always exciting and a real challenge" said Carolyn Morse, President of PowerLung. "It is such a fantastic opportunity to present our company, our products and our plans in the company of many other qualified companies." At the end of the program, when PowerLung was announced, "It was a thrill," said Morse, "because we were able to communicate the milestones we have met and set for our new life sciences products."

PowerLung product models are currently available for a variety of users with active lifestyles as well as for performing artists. All products are currently registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Class I (Exempt) devices in the category of exercise equipment. PowerLung products are available through specialty retailers and online retailers throughout the world.