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08-05-2015, 11:23 AM
Introducing The RegenMed Institute

The RegenMed Institute is a cutting edge stem cell treatment facility in Clearwater, Florida. RMI is devoted to the advancement of regenerative medicine through the use of stem cells. We specialize in the treatment of chronic disease, acute and chronic pain, neurologic disease and cosmetic and wellness. Using your own stem cells we can unlock your body's own healing potential and improve quality of life. In our state of the art facility we offer various procedures and protocols harvested from your very own bone marrow, venous circulation and adipose tissue. Procedures are safe, effective and minimally invasive. Visit our website at www.theregenmedinstitute.com (http://www.theregenmedinstitute.com) for a list of treatment options for various conditions. You may also contact us at 1-800-899-1803 and speak with a treatment specialist who can review your case specifics.

Meet the Doctors

Steven J. Feinerman, M.D.
Steven's early education began at Jacksonville University where he received a bachelors degree in science 1984. He then proceeded to receive his medical degree, with high honors, from the Southwestern University College of Medicine in 1989. Steven's postgraduate work continued at the University of Miami School of Medicine where he completed his doctorate/fellowship in Microbiology and Immunology in 1991. Dr. Feinerman's physician education began with his Internship in Medicine and Pediatrics with a Residency in Anesthesia at the University of Miami School of Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital. That was followed with a fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia at the Children's National Medical Center within George Washington University School of Medicine located in Washington DC.
Dr. Feinerman's interest in stem cell treatment and it's application to patient care began several years ago. With his vast knowledge and experience as a physician and his educational concentration in the area of microbiology and immunology he has been able to use this as an advantage in his ongoing development of several stem cell treatment protocols. With a focus on optimizing health and providing safe effective treatment options for patients suffering with chronic disease, Dr. Feinerman has been instrumental in the development and the defining of ReGenMed Institute as a leader and innovator of stem cell therapeutics.

"I have seen the outcomes of Stem Cell Therapy and it's ability to promote better Quality of Life for my patients.
Don't wait to see what the future of stem cell therapy has in store for you. Your future is now!"

Dr. Uhuru Smith, M.D.
Dr. Uhuru Smith, M.D. is the physician collaborator at the RegenMed Institute. Dr. Smith began her path to medicine while finishing her undergraduate and graduate education at The University of Pennsylvania. She worked continuously doing research in the Emergency Department and through the Department of Clinical Medicine while nurturing a strong interest in complimentary and nutritional medicine.
Shortly thereafter, Dr. Smith completed her Medical Doctorate at Georgetown University with career pursuits in Anesthesiology. She completed her residency at the University of Florida in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. She is a board certified Anesthesiologist practicing in the private sector doing a large mix of complex and routine surgeries in both children and adults.

Questions & Answers

Q: You mention that you do stem cell treatments for chronic pain. Is this normally done in a series of treatments depending on the severity or can a single treatment actually bring relief? I have very bad pain in my knees and sometimes in my shoulders. Would insurance cover the cost of any part of the treatment? What kind of stem cells do you use to treat chronic pain?
A: Chronic pain can be controlled with the use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) directed to the affected organ. Certainly direct injections of MSC extracted from your bone marrow and administered into the knee(s) and shoulders will greatly reduce the pain and chronic inflammation. Currently these procedures are not covered by insurance but in the near future I suspect that orthopedic conditions will be covered.

Q: What would be involved in a wellness treatment and what could we expect as a result?
A: A good wellness program would include the use of MSC and Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) given i.v. every four months would be ideal. In addition the use of bio-identical hormones given by creams or by mouth; checking the immune system and correcting any weaknesses;cardiac studies once a year; pulmonary function tests and the 6 minute walk; the use of Telomerase to lengthen the ends of your genes/chromosomes; genetic testing.

Q: Many clinics are now treating patients with COPD with stem cells. Is there anything that makes your treatment unique or different from the other clinics and why do you think that some patients see better results than others from stem cell treatment?
A: Our clinic in Clearwater, Florida is staffed by professional medical experts who have treated more patients with COPD than any other facility. The difference in results depends on age, pulmonary function, secondary conditions such as heart disease and chronic kidney failure, types of stem cells used and their sources and method of administration.

Q: Do you do any offshore treatments that allow for expansion of the cells?
A: We do not do expansion of stem cells. This is completely not needed since we prepare our patients with G-CSF that stimulate large numbers of stem cells from the bone marrow and blood.

Q: Your website states, "Our deep understanding and years of stem-cell research has allowed us to create anti-aging treatments that can help lengthen and rejuvenate your life." What do these treatments consist of and what evidence do you have that they can lengthen a person's life?
A: Anti-Aging treatments as answered above may rejuvenate the body and lengthen life spans.

Q: I have fibromyalgia and am bothered by constant pain. What type of treatment do you believe would help me?
A: Fibromyalgia associated with constant pain can initially be treated with bone marrow MSC; three months later with adipose MSC and given boosters as needed with peripheral blood MSC.

Q: Does a person have a choice as to where the stem cells are harvested from for your treatments? I have lung disease but have had a bad experience with liposuction used to extract adipose tissue in the past. I would much prefer trying venous or bone marrow than going through the liposuction process again. It wouldn't be so bad if the adipose tissue could be banked for future treatments, but to my knowledge, the FDA does not allow this so patients have to have the procedure done every time they want a treatment. What are your thoughts?
A: It is always best to use fresh MSC not stored cryopreserved cells. If you have had liposuction to extract MSC it can be followed by bone marrow MSC and if you need booster after that the MSC can be obtained from patient's own peripheral blood.

Q: What is good advice for a patient pre and post treatment? Do you recommend other wellness treatments to enhance your stem cell therapy and what role, if anything, does something like a person's diet play in the success of a treatment?
A: Each particular person based on age, diagnosis and presence or absence of secondary medical conditions determines source of where to take MSC from. Other treatments for anti-aging have been discussed in question 2. An ideal diet for anti-aging is the Mediterranean Diet focusing on olive oil, beans, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables and chicken.

Q: What is your advice as far as NSAIDS, steroids, etc. Is there a certain time period before treatment that these should be discontinued if possible? How would they affect the stem cells?
A: NSAIDS and steroids may reduce the effectiveness of stem cells to deal with chronic inflammation and decrease MSC immunosuppression and immunomodulation. Stop steroids at least five days before administering MSC.

Q: In Florida, there is going to be research that allows young people to donate their cells to older people in an effort to rejuvenate the seniors (Life Extension Institute). How would this work? Wouldn't there be problems with rejection? Florida seems to be the hotbed of a lot of research and also the home of many stem cell clinics. Do you have any plans to expand beyond Florida for those of us not lucky enough to live there? Traveling can be a huge battle for many.
A: There could be significant rejection and development of graft vs host if you use allogenic MSC.
There are already stem cell clinics throughout the USA using autologous stem cells. However the USA government still continues to ban the use of adult stem cells such as neuron stem cells, pancreatic stem cells etc. so that patients have to go outside USA to get proper treatments for ALS, Parkinson, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes and Genetic Disorders.

However the day will come when stem cell clinics will outnumber even Starbucks locations!!!!