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12-20-2014, 04:21 PM
It has been four months since my second go around adipose stem cells. Two days before thanksgiving , I developed flare up pelvic pain. For the first time in 12 months, I had to increase my pump. This week my granuloma skin disease flared up too. I contacted Dr Lee. He told me that this may calm down in time. I'm looking into neural stem cells. I found a hospital in China (Wu Hospital ) that treats neurological diseases with neural stem cells. It'll be a year for me to save the money for the cost. Take care..... Peg

12-21-2014, 01:47 PM
peg - Sorry to hear about this. What is the approximate cost? Here's an excerpt from their website that I found. Do you know what the "other clinical technologies" are? It certainly sounds as if Dr. Wu is doing some exemplary work and is publishing as well.

As a leading medical center that specializes in stem cell therapy, WMC provides the safest and most effective individualized treatment program with our highly experienced medical team, our advanced technology and our world-class medical care.

As a result of our treatment program, a significant improvement can be achieved within 3-4 weeks.

Our clinical application is based on the findings of our stem cell research from the last eleven years. The founder of WMC, Mr. Like Wu, MD, Ph.D, is one of the pre-eminent experts in the use of stem cell technology for treating various neurological diseases in China today. Our medical center was named after him. Dr. Wus many years of education and research experience in this field has earned him a large amount of respect from his colleagues and his expertise is reflected in the awards and recognition he has received. His accomplishments include over 30 published research articles he has written along with contributions to several other medical publications.

Scientifically, stem cells have made it possible for currently incurable diseases to be treated, but clinically speaking, stem cells alone only have a very limited curative effect. This is the reason behind the many unsuccessful treatments using stem cells. Our core technology is a combination of using stem cells as a tool or "raw material" with our unique clinical technologies that create a most suitable internal environment to allow the auto mobilization of stem cells to occur, or the implanted stem cells to survive long enough to achieve their repairing or reconstruction effects.

The stem cells used for transplantation are all produced and processed in the SFDA certified GMP facilities and inspected through our Quality Certificate Approval System. This ensures a product containing the highest quality and level of safety.

12-21-2014, 10:54 PM
I've only text one of the physicians at Wu Hospital (Dr. Susan Chu). She told me that they would need my records in order to determine my treatment plan. Dr. Chu also told me that they have treated well over 5000 patients with neural stem cells over the past 5 years without any complications. She told me an estimated cost between 20-30 thousand dollars for three treatments of stem cells. They also give you growth factors for the stem cells. Plus detox the body to make an environment to enable stem cell survival. I will have to stay between 1-2 weeks for treatment. I don't know yet how they will administer the stem cells..... Whether it will be IV or intrathecal. I'm planning on sending my records to them next year! Dr. Chu did say that quite a few of their patients experienced pain relief after stem cell therapy. I do know that they do long term follow up with their patients. The hospital only treats neurological disorders/diseases. I'll let u know more later on. I'll be consulting Dr. Malan about my decision to seek neural stem cells. I feel that I need specialized neural stem cells to repair my damaged ones. Btw, the hospital also offers other stem cell therapy such as bone marrow, etc. take care...... Peg

12-22-2014, 04:02 PM
Thanks peg. I know you will keep us informed. Going offshore is undoubtedly the only option you will have if you want treatment before the next century.