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04-08-2014, 08:35 AM
I am having stem cell therapy March 16th. in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Dr. Barmada is the over seer. I thank Barbara for answering my blog. I have never smoked even one cigarette in my life and have always been in good health. It is very hard for me to accept this COPD. But as we all know, I have to. Until I came to stem cell pioneers, I had not heard very much about having more than one treatment. This all sounds very expensive to me. I wonder how often this therapy is repeated. It does sound like it might be about every two years. Any insight out there? Does it depend on how serious you have COPD.? Is it best to have it treated early on, before you need to go on oxygen? Seems to me those old statements are true. Better late than never and never to early. I will do blogs after my treatment, pray for me. LEE

04-08-2014, 11:58 AM
COPD is not just a disease that smokers get. You are good testimony to that. I think far too many years were wasted by researchers who focused on that aspect only.

Yes, it is more beneficial to do treatment of any kind early on, especially something like stem cell therapy which might stop the progression of your disease. Not all patients require supplemental oxygen, but as the disease progresses, your entire body is affected and you most likely have less and less quality of life. So waiting, to me, is foolish if you have the opportunity to get treatment. Once again though, each individual is different. Some respond better than others. There is also no way to know when you might need additional treatment. The over reach of the FDA has stalled the U.S. in moving forward to making stem cell therapy available to all. Insurance does not cover experimental treatments so thank the FDA, an agency controlled by those with their own interests, for the over regulation of our own stem cells as drugs. Treatments should be considered the practice of medicine, not a type of drug. This decision by the FDA has cost patients dearly, not just monetarily, but in lives as well.