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02-23-2014, 08:47 PM
My name is Terry, and I discovered this forum a couple weeks ago; I'm still trying to figure everything out, but thought I would at least say hello!
I'm married 32 years, 56 years old, have 3 grown kids and 4 grandkids. I smoked and was alcoholic for about 30 years and everything caught up on 5/11/12 @ 8:30 am. I was hospitalized that day for pancreatitis. I almost died twice! I wasn't given a very good chance of making it. However, after 21 days, I was discharged. I haven't smoked or drank since! Experts have told me the chances of successfully quitting both hover around 6 - 8%.
I've become a health freak since then also!

However, I discovered, quite by accident, I have Stage 2 COPD.
And of course I'm afraid. I want to be part of something positive and full of hope! I joined this to hopefully be aware of treatments, legislation, news and meet other people in the same situation. If Moore's law is true and we double our knowledge every 18 or so months, I believe we have a fighting chance with stem cell research! And . . . My health now is quite good! I'm in the mid 60's when I blow also just fyi. Well thank you and if anyone has a couple good blogs or threads or other decent places to check out in my area of concern, please let me know!
Thanks again.

Terry in Denver :);)

02-24-2014, 01:35 PM
Hi Terry. Welcome to the forum. We have a monthly Ask the Doctor feature where patients can submit questions to professionals in the industry. In April, Dr. Dori Naerbo, who is a leader in the wellness field, will be hosting. I am excited about it because keeping ourselves healthy is one of the most important things we need to do. Please feel free to participate. I make several announcements when I begin accepting questions for each months Ask the Doctor.

An easy way to keep up with what is happening on the forum is to click on New Posts if you are signed in. If you haven't logged in, it will say Today's Posts. That gives you a run down on all the new threads or replies that were posted for the day.

We are lucky in Denver to have a doctor doing stem cell treatment for COPD. He's Dr. Grossman and he's hosting this month's Ask the Doctor. He is currently doing a study under an IRB. I am in his study. It is a patient funded study, so participation does cost, but these studies are important to help further our access to relevant treatments and possibly some day having them covered by insurance.

You say you discovered you had COPD quite by accident. I believe there are a great many people out there who do not know they have COPD. If you wish, please share how you discovered that you had it. I was misdiagnosed for almost 10 years.

02-24-2014, 06:27 PM
Thanks for taking a minute to reply to my post! I discovered I "had a problem" from my family doctor and he referred me to NJ and the rest is history! Kind of a bummer because I thought I could dodge any bullet because I quit everything 5/12/11! No luck. Geesh, I saw on CNN Leonard Nemoy was just diagnosed! He has got to be in his 80's! I'm truly shocked how many people have this dangerous condition.
I also am participating in 2 (facility paid) studies over @ NJ~~ These studies are COPD based and they compensate a small amount.
Well thank you Barbara and I'll go digging around see what I can find. I can certainly see a need for this forum. That is truly awesome you have an "ask a doctor" availability here also.
Goodbye everyone :):cool:

02-25-2014, 10:06 AM
For those of you who may not know what NJ is, it is National Jewish Hospital.

02-26-2014, 11:01 AM
Terry - What kind of studies are you in?