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02-20-2014, 12:13 PM
Hi, my name is Jackie, I am new to this forum and am so excited to hear about all the things that can be done with our own stem cells! First I want to thank Barbara and Jeanine for starting this forum. I was diagnosed and treated for two types of cancer in my left breast in 2009. I opted to have both breasts removed. I was 54 and so afraid of not having ins. later! I had follow-up reconstruction surgery only to find out that my chest is too wide and I am too short up and down for this to have done me any good. I felt like I looked hideous and was so depressed. I also had lymph nodes removed during surgery to make sure the cancer hadn't spread. It didn't and they got all my cancer, so no chemo and no radiation. I was so lucky in that respect. Timed passed and I found out I had truncal lymphedema. Went to lymphedema therapist and found out how to treat this progressive disease. In 2011 I went back to my plastic surgeon to ask if I had capsular contracture (scarring around the implants and very painful) He said he didn't think so but didn't know why I was hurting. I went to another plastic surgeon and asked the same question. He offered me a new procedure called DIEP flap surgery. He would remove the old implants and use my skin and fat from my abdomen to create real feeling breasts. I had a small implant put in to make them the size I wanted. AND YES, I did have capsular contracture! The surgery went well and my new breasts look wonderful!. The day after the surgery the skin above the surgical line including my belly button started to die! This was awful!!! 4 month healing process of a very large open wound. I had to take very good care of myself...luckily no infections. Now I have a very deep scar on my belly and the lymphedema went crazy after that!!!! It is so bad now that the only thing that seems to help me are pain pills and yet I still hurt and have to wear compression vests all the time to be comfortable. :(