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11-03-2011, 02:39 PM
Green Tea and Quercetin Prevent Telomere Loss from Cardio StressTuesday, November 01, 2011 - Byron Richards, CCN

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Green tea polyphenols antioxidant shown to affect cell-to-cell signaling, receptor sensitivity, inflammatory enzyme activity or gene regulation. Found in many different fruits, vegetables, red wine, grains, honey, and legumes. (EGCG) and quercetin have demonstrated the ability to extend the lifespan of heart cells when the heart is placed under considerable distress. In addition to lowering free radical damage and improving the function of antioxidant enzymes within the heart, these nutrients were shows to preserve telomeres and reduce heart cell death.

In this animal experiment cardiovascular distress was created by reducing the flow of blood to the heart, a common problem for some people as they age. This form of cardio stress increased free radical damage, overwhelmed antioxidant enzymes, and increased heart cell death. A common feature of the stress was the shortening of telomeres, a classic sign of accelerated aging.

This study shows that EGCG and quercetin are able to offset a high level of cardiovascular stress, inducing beneficial changes to cellular health that are consistent with improved longevity.