View Full Version : My son Ali has ROP and glaucoma.

09-05-2011, 01:18 PM
Hiii everybody.
My son Ali was born very early, only 25th weeks with very unmature retina
development. He had ROP in very early weeks and had to go under laser treatment. ROP
was stopped at stage 1 on zone 1. This means his retinas are stayed attached
-thanks god - but they had to use too many laser shots, and due to that his
doctors says % 70 of his retinas has laser scars so he'll have limited

Like this wasn't enough just two months after laser treatment he was hit by a
very rapidly grown glaucoma attack which left huge damage to his left eye
cornea. He had two emergency surgeries from both eyes and now going control
under anesthesia every month to be checked his eye pressure. if it goes up again
then there will be more surgeries.
And after glaucoma attack his doctor says his left eye may see 1/10 the best. I
really don't know what that means.

So here I am looking for desperately some way to help my son. He is only 7
months old, correccted age is only 3 months. He is all a healthy and happy boy,
a real miracle and a great joy of our family apart from these eye problems.

I am really interested in stem cell theraphy which seems the only thing that
would help my child.
I just want to learn how old he should be to get this treatment..?
Has anyone know with any child with similar condition and had the stem cell
treatment in china or Mexico with success.
I need to find out which clinics are the best with eye treatments.

Thank you so much.
Ilknur (Ali's mother)