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06-13-2011, 01:10 PM
Hi there:)

I've been following this forum since my daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in sept 2010. She is now nearly 2 and we are now ready to take the scary step of trying stem cell therapy. This forum has been a great guide and has taken away some of the fears of the unknown, but as she wont have an active choice in what we are trying to do for her it still feels like a big leap.

We had initially been looking at the xcell centre mostly because it is very close to home as we are in the Uk but the controversy around the centre delayed our application and it is with some relief that the decision has now been taken out of our hands as it has shut down.

The next place we were aware of through this site was Dr Ramirez in Mexico. However there is no longer a link via this site - is there a reason for this change? And am I correct in thinking they do not do autologous stem cell therapy?

Final questions!- When we started looking last year there were no treatment centres advertised in the US and rightly people were very angry about this..this has changed and I see they are popping up everywhere?! What has happened? Is there a loophole that has allowed this or has the FDA approval been granted? Everytime I try and google for this information all I get is info on embryonic law changes.

We are now applying at Bioregenesis as a result and am trying not to get my hopes up just yet - but its hard when you are desperate to help your child.

Thank you so much in advance - I would not have had the confidence to take these steps for Evie without this site.

Kelly - eviesmum

06-13-2011, 01:32 PM
Thank you for your kind words. Clinics and doctors can do a sponsorship on this forum for a small monthly fee. We do not endorse these companies, but do allow them to help support the forum if they are reputable and we receive few or no patient complaints about them. Dr Ramirez indicated that he wanted to renew his membership many times, but unfortunately, he either needs a new bookkeeper or he simply forgot. We did give him the benefit of the doubt after several e-mails stating the "check was in the mail", but after waiting more than a month past his due date, we did remove the link in all fairness to those that truly are helping support this forum.
There has been no change in law in the U.S. Autologous stem cell therapy that includes anything beyond minimal manipulation of the stem cells is still restricted by the FDA. This month, Dr. Chris Centeno, who knows the FDA all too well, is hosting Ask the Doctor. If you have any regulatory questions for him, send them to me asap as the deadline is Wednesday.