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03-02-2011, 05:31 PM
One of the pioneers and proponents of the use of stem cells, Dr. Zannos Grekos of Bonita Springs. Florida, has had his license restricted after a recent fatal stem cell procedure. Dr. Grekos is prohibited from providing any stem cell therapy in his practice and the state will seek a disciplinary action according to the Feb. 22 order.
As a beneficiary of Dr. Zannos procedure I am saddened by this action. He was pro-active in his untiring efforts to promote the use of stem cells to individuals who in many cases had no where else to turn. However, I believe that sometimes the use of stem cells can be used in cases where only certified medical stem cell trials and research will find the answers. There can be consequences!
I believe that people can be helped in specific areas right now through the use of sterm cells, I am one of those,but I think we are 8-10 years away before the judgemental "authorities" come through with approval. I hope things work out for Dr. Grekos as my personal experience as have others I have known who used his services have done better though his expertise. I believe the publicity (front page) this incident has engendered and the restriction of Dr. Zannos medical license will hurt the cause of stem cells in the immediate and possibly the near future.I hope I am wrong!
Best Bud

03-02-2011, 07:13 PM

While I was skeptical about the prices he charged, I don't believe the stem cells caused this lady's death. She fell and incurred head injuries. According the the article I read she had to be carried into her home after treatment because she was still groggy from the sedation received during treatment.

You are correct that this incident will delay stem cell treatments.

03-02-2011, 10:00 PM
Buddy - You can help enlighten the public by making comments when possible on the articles in the media and on the internet concerning this latest bit of hyped up news story made to make stem cell therapy look bad. While the doctor perhaps should have kept her longer if she was still under the effects of anesthesia, I seriously doubt that stem cell therapy had anything to do with her cause of death. It wasn't because of a bad infusion or reaction to the stem cells, but because of the anesthesia effects. I think this will be proven if a stem cell forensic expert is brought in.
The media loves stories like these and people gobble it right up as well. You don't see the same reaction with all the deaths that occur daily due to drug interactions, poor care at hospitals, etc., but mention stem cells or a local celebrity doctor of some sort and the media is all over it because they know it brings in readers.
I am disgusted by such skimpy reporting. They need to do some good follow up that does a lot more than the stories I have seen so far to uncover the truth.

03-03-2011, 03:06 PM
I would agree that the news media does hype up stories for their own reasons. I also read where the woman did have a fall at home possibly due to the after affects of the sedation; however, the local reporting has actually been fairly objective. Has the investigation of Dr.Grekos been treated without bias? I think not!
The Media reported what the State Department of Health stated after their investigation. The local print media did report that a number of stem cell patients of Regenocyte did come forth and stand by their treatment. The local TV station, WINK TV, also showed a young boy and his mother stating the youngster's success with stem cell therapy. So I think there was some responsible reporting.
The news media also reported that the Insurance company for Regenocyte paid the family $250,000 in damages and no law suit was filed.. Jeanine, both you and Barbara believe that the cause of death was due to her fall. What is that conclusion based on? That apparently is not what the two month investigation has shown. "Bias" can be a two way street.
Actually yesterdays Fort Myers News Press which I am looking at as we speak is very favorable to Dr. Grekos. The headline reads "Patients Speak Out in Defense of Doctor" and it listed the favorable responses to the treatment by Regenocyte and Dr. Grekos. By the way, I am a believer in and recipient of Stem Cells. As I mentioned I am a Stem Cell Pioneer by definition and I believe in Dr. Grekos, the ultimate pioneer! I would not hesitate to recommend Regenocyte in the use of stem cells for the heart. Research, clinical trials and Regenocyte have proven that they can save lives with the intrduction of Stem Cells in heart related cases and I believe the FDA and the powers that be should move ahead with that knowledge. However, I do believe that further trials and testing has to be done with regard to "other" areas such as ALS etc., before pioneer doctors such as Dr. Grekos can put their professional life at risk to an at large"Medical" community that in many cases has a strong bias against stem cells. When I went to Santo Domingo in July of 2009 I was treated for my heart problem along with a 39 year old man with a wife and four children who was suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension, a serious disease to say the least. His demise had nothing to do with the Stem Cell treatment, rather it was most likely a result of the progression of his Pulmonary Hypertension disease. Long term mass results regarding stem cells are apparently not available as it is basically a new science used by a large segment of people who have no other alternative.
I still believe in Dr. Grekos and I have mentioned to some friends with heart problems that stem cells are an avenue that can work. Regenocyte and Dr. Grekos have treated 300 patients withy varying degrees of success and I would recommend him highly for anyone seeking heart treatment. He is a very special person, a risk taker, who has put his professional life and reputation at risk. He is the ultimate Pioneer and I wish him well.
Best Bud

03-03-2011, 03:16 PM

I based my opinion on the news article. Let's face it - the woman was very sick as she had to be carried into her home after treatment and somehow wandered about at 2am fell and banged her head. That's what I based my conclusion upon. Maybe you read a different story about this.

Granted we don't know this woman's condition prior to stem cell treatment other than she had neurological problems. If you know more details then please share with our members.

03-03-2011, 03:28 PM
Buddy - I stated that before any final conclusions should be made or hanging the doctor in the press, that a forensic stem cell expert should be brought in. That is my opinion of what should be done because without that type of rigorous investigation, how will it ever be known just what she died from. Some people are too sick to have treatment in my opinion as well, but I am not a doctor and therefore I have no details of what her prognosis was.

This is what you have stated. "Jeanine, both you and Barbara believe that the cause of death was due to her fall. What is that conclusion based on? That apparently is not what the two month investigation has shown. "Bias" can be a two way street". I haven't read what the investigation has concluded. Please provide more details. I received the initial information on this from a group of doctors who upon reading the news article also concluded that it might point to the fall being what killed her. However, they all would never make this conclusion without having the facts. They were merely stating what seemed the obvious just from reading the article they had. You must have better reports than what I have read or what they read.

03-03-2011, 08:18 PM
If you read my post you will see that unlike you I have made comments and drawn no conclusions. Actually I believe the jist of my comments were quite favorable to Regenocyte and Dr. Grekos, a man I admire.
I have read the Feb. 23 filing by the Florida Department of Health, their two month investigation and their conclusions. I will neither comment nor draw conclusions on what I have read. You on the other hand have drawn conclusions based on a few minutes of reading a newspaper article because I suspect this is what you want to believe. I don't challenge that. I can't read your minds but I suspect your zeal may have tempered your sense of reason.
As I mentioned in my caption, this is indeed sad news but this is a forum, Regenocyte is a major player in the stem cell process and I have commented on it.
I would prefer not to take this any further because I respect and admire Dr. Grekos and I have seen his beautiful family. I pray that Dr. Grekos and his family will come through this and the disciplinary action that the state seeks. There are at least three hundred other people whom he has helped who I am sure feel this same sentiment.
Best Bud

03-04-2011, 01:28 AM
I seriously have no clue what you are talking about Buddy. I have drawn no conclusions and feel it is best left to an expert. I think you are misunderstanding my position completely. Jeannine and I simply asked if you had more information since you wrote such a long post. You started the thread is should be noted, but didn't provide much detail.