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06-09-2010, 05:55 PM
AmStem Announces New Cosmeceutical Beauty and Hair Restoration Products

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Jun 09, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- AmStem Corporation /quotes/comstock/11k!amst (AMST 0.05, -.00, -2.00%) , a leading provider of biotherapeutic and cosmetic stem cell products announced today the release of HomStem(TM), a complete new line of cosmeceutical products, and HairStem(TM), a topical hair restoration product.

David Stark, President of AmStem International, Inc., said, "These revolutionary products represent the latest innovations in our continuing line of anti-aging, restoration and beauty products."

With the debut of the HomStem(TM) and HairStem(TM) line of products last month at the International Beauty Expo in Malaysia, AmStem is nearing readiness to market these products in the United States following voluntary registration with U.S. FDA. The Company is now seeking investigators for its upcoming Institutional Review Board ("IRB") submission of clinical trials later this month, and for informal consumer studies to validate claim testing and to augment marketing efforts worldwide later this year.

"These products will join our flagship product, SteMixx, which is already approved by the Korean FDA, as a 'functional cream' for the treatment of facial skin disfiguration associated with aging such as wrinkles," Stark said. "As soon as final packaging and shipping arrangements have been made and the necessary consumer studies are completed, we expect these products to be available to consumers in the U.S."

The HomStem(TM) line includes a toner, lotion, essence, neutro cream, eye cream and mist -- all for home use by the consumer for rejuvenation and beautification of the skin. The HairStem(TM) product is a topical lotion that treats several forms of alopecia (baldness), thickens hair, and prevents dandruff.

Stark said, "While these are unofficial claims until they are validated in the U.S., the history of these products in Korea is such that we expect success. Our team has extensive experience in clinical trials and working with regulatory agencies, so we expect to be able to back up our claims within 90 days, when the first data from the studies is available."

HCSM(TM), or Human Conditioned Stem Cell Media, is the Company's proprietary version of an accepted ingredient that is derived from proteins secreted by stem cells processed from the Company's own facility, one of the largest umbilical cord blood banks in the world. The cord blood is obtained from consenting donors and is a non-controversial source of stem cells. HCSM(TM) works by providing the skin with crucial proteins and nutritional supplements to make it healthy, balanced and revitalized in its ability to renew itself. For more information on these products, see the company's web site at http://www.amsteminc.com/amstem-products.