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05-26-2010, 03:31 PM
Stem Cells for Hope, Inc.

Medical Fact: Every cell in your body is programmed to die.

The only existing medical technology that can regenerate human cells to slow down or stop this process is Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy.

Neuro-degenerative conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Parkinsons and Muscular Dystrophy are just a few of the diseases that are exacerbated by accelerated deterioration of human cells. Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy (SCTT) is the only known treatment that can initiate new cell growth to help slow the progression of these diseases. Moreover, SCTT has shown to be effective in speeding client-recovery from physical injuries involving cell and tissue damage such as spinal cord injury, stroke, heart mussel damage, serious burns, torn muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Stem Cells for Hope is the only U.S. based company (HQ in New York) that utilizes multiple Class A international treatment facilities to provide a full spectrum of cell therapy services and other cell-based products to its clients. We use between 70MM to over 100MM transplanted Stem Cell during the treatment process. In many cases, our clients have medical conditions that have been deemed incurable by traditional medicine or are unable to access cell therapy in the U.S. due to current regulatory restrictions. Stem Cells for Hope has been providing a Turn Key Solution for an all inclusive treatment plan (approximately 5 days or more as necessary) for all of its clients.

Stem Cells for Hope has been successfully providing Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy to clients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Muscular Dystrophy, CP, Stroke, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Optic Nerve Damage, Diabetes and anti-aging. We have been able to stop the progression of the disease and turn back the clock for the patients we have treated. Todays Stem Cell technology is by no means a cure at this time but we have been able to provide a better quality of life for our patients. Through our continuing research programs we hope to continue to perfect our treatment protocols to help in the treatment of a wider spectrum of degenerative conditions and injuries.

Other types of conditions will be addressed on a per case basis by our Medical Advisory Board to see if the client medically qualifies for Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy. Our Patient Medical Evaluation Form is available from our website and our assessment response will be provided within 36 hours.

For additional information on Stem Cells for Hope and our legitimate Adult Stem Cell & Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation Procedures, please visit our website

We welcome any inquiries, comments and questions on Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy to help educate people amidst all the confusing information about this medical technology that is on the web.

Christine DeRobertis, VP, Patient Services

Peter K. Sidorenko, Founder & COO, Stem Cells for Hope, Inc.

05-26-2010, 03:50 PM
I had a nice phone conversation with Mr. Sidorenko today from Stem Cells for Hope. As a result, I have invited him to be the July host of the Ask the Doctor forum. Details to follow closer to the time. As many of you may know, Gator got treatment for MS from them and has been posting his updates in the blog area of the Stem Cell Pioneers ever since. I look forward to Stem Cells for Hope participating in this forum.

Peter will you please provide your website information for readers. This is the correct forum for companies to do this. Thank you.

07-14-2010, 02:27 PM
Stem Cells for Hope, Inc. has an International Network of Clinics that are currently providing treatment programs for patients using Stem Cell solutions which contain your own Adult Stem Cells or harvested Cord Blood Stem Cells and a proprietary Stem Cell Biological solution for people suffering with neuro-degenerative diseases and physiological injuries. The conditions that are currently being treated at our Clinics are:

?Multiple Sclerosis
?Muscular Dystrophy
?Cerebral Palsy
?Macular Degeneration
?Optic Nerve Damage
?Retinitis Pigmentosa
?Corneal Regeneration
?Diabetes Type I
?Liver Cirrhosis
?Other medical conditions are evaluated for treatment on a Per Case Basis.

For further information please visit our website at www.stemcellsforhope.com
or call us directly at (631) 929-3900.

Thank you,

Peter K. Sidorenko, Founder & COO