View Full Version : Success from Stem Cells for Heart Attacks

05-18-2010, 11:44 AM
Proof of success in using adult stem cells continues to flow in.

About three years ago, Eddie Floyd, owner of Bark and Purr Pet Center in Austin, Texas, felt a severe pain in his chest and rushed to a hospital to find that he had had a heart attack. Afterwards, doctors asked him to participate in a trial that involved adult stem cells being injected into his heart.

While speaking with Texas Alliance for Life, Floyd reported that the adult stem cells were effective.

"They did not cause any kind of rejection, so I didn't have to have any rejection-preventive medicine or anything like that," he explained "They were just generic stem cells that became heart."

Doctors say that within days after a heart attack, damaged cells are sending a signal for help. Millions of stem cells injected into the system respond to those signals, "and it has apparently regenerated the muscle that died during my heart attack," Floyd notes.

He further reports that he has been able to resume normal activity. "There really isn't anything that I can't do because of my heart, that I'm aware of. [But] there are a few things I can't do because of my belly...," the pet store owner joked.

In this study, adult stem cells are harvested from adults between the ages of 18 and 30 and are processed to remove elements that cause rejection. About 1,000 patients have endured the process so far.

Adult stem cells are successfully treating , more than 70 diseases and conditions, while embryonic stem-cell research, involving the killing of human babies, has resulted in zero results