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02-11-2010, 09:22 PM
I an 66 and have severe COPD. The last couple of weeks have been very difficult. SOB just walking about 50 feet. I have been on O2 at night and if I try to exercise (pretty much out of the question these days.) I don't know very much about stem cell therapy. I was in a store and was suffering SOB and the clerk told me that a woman from our small town had the therapy in Mexico and is doing very well. Unfortunately she did not know the woman's name or anything else. How do you know if the clinic is a good one or not? How long do you have to be there? Is it expensive? Do many Canadians do this?

02-12-2010, 11:34 AM

Are you checking your Oxygen saturation during the day? Also, your shortness of breath could be caused by heart problems as well or using albuterol as well.

02-12-2010, 01:19 PM
Carolyne - You can become active on this forum and learn all you can about stem cell therapy for a start. I am happy to send you the resource page from the book Jeannine and I wrote, but first I think you need to get an understanding of what stem cell therapy is all about. Every month we have an Ask the Doctor feature where members can ask questions of the host. If you have a question you would like to ask, please e-mail me or private message me. You can do this by clicking on Community, then Members, then B, then Barbara (just plain Barbara).

You also need to be careful of miracle stories you may hear. Stem cell therapy is in its infancy and people react differently to treatment. There are no guarantees. Also, there is something called Live Cell therapy. This is not stem cell therapy. It is treatment that uses animal cells and it usually makes people feel really good for a few months and then wears off. Each subsequent trip may or may not produce the original results. Mexico offers Live Cell treatment. Personally, I would never have this type of treatment after discussing it with medical doctors and researchers. It is risky at best.

You can also read the information about ICMS. There is an entire forum on here devoted to this grassroots effort. They have published an offshore guideline that may be helpful to you. http://www.cellmedicinesociety.org/ I would urge you to join ICMS.

I know Jeannine has been upset about people claiming we are all about selling products, but this really isn't the case. I have made thousands of posts on this forum and rarely mention the webstore or what products we sell and neither does she. The store supports this forum and that is about it. It is also a convenience for doctors who ask their patients to purchase certain products post treatment. We sell them at costs lower than most sites. However, if you don't use or want any of these products then I would overwhelmingly tell you NOT to buy any of them.

If that is not the case, I would recommend the Stem Cell Advance Treatment protocol. You can read about it at www.seachangeforlife.com Next month the SeaChange consultant will present the findings from the large animal study that is part of the protocol. It will show solid evidence of what this product does to stimulate the body's own stem cells.

As for clinics, most will require only a short stay, but one treatment will undoubtedly not be enough and no clinic to my knowledge can state that they have found a cure or produced a documentable amount of regeneration. That doesn't mean that treatments don't help you feel better, relieve sob and stop the progression of the disease, but restoring lung function in large percentages has not been accomplished yet to my knowledge.

Also, please join us at www.copdliving.com

02-16-2010, 03:09 PM
Hi Carolyn: I am sorry to hear of your COPD distress. Regarding stem cells...I can tell you my experience with stem cells and although it has helped me enormously it doesn't do everything one would like depending on one's condition. I was looking for a better quality of life as my breathing was a disaster. My problem was severe cardiac scarring of my heart after a heart attack unfortunately while I was in the Pocono Mountains. Through the use of my own blood cells, extrapolated and replicated to produce 40 million stem cells and injected directly into my heart at 34 mapped places through a catheter inserted through my groin. I had no anesthesia and the procedure was over within a half hour. I was back home in two days. The procedure has most certainly helped my quality of life and I am grateful for that. Remember my procedure was a cardiac issue which seems to do better than most other procedures. However, the doctors and the group that I went through probably does more Pulmonary procedures than any other. The medical company is called "Regenocyte" and is located in Bonita Springs, Florida. The actual procedure took place in Santo Domingo, Domican Republic. I understand they have a new location in the Bahamas. My procedure took place a little more than six months ago and I must say the base line process and follow up has been first class. Dr. Zannos Grekos runs a very smooth and precise operation and he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Stem Cell therapy. You might consider talking to them or go to their web-site. I would tell you that the process is not cheap!
Best Bud