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10-13-2009, 02:27 PM
I found this article on the Life Extension website http://www.lef.org

It is crucial that those affected with cardiac problems read this article.

Comparing Improvements in Cardiac Function

The ejection fraction test assesses the heart?s pumping capacity by measuring how much blood is pumped after each beat compared with the amount of blood remaining in the heart. Healthy people have an ejection fraction of 50-75%, while those with congestive heart failure often have values below 20-30%.

In the study conducted by Dr. Langsjoen, the ejection fraction improved from 24% up to 45% in ubiquinol-treated patients who had follow-up echocardiograms. This represented a recovery of up to 88% in this critical measurement of cardiac output. The higher blood levels of CoQ10 and the improved ejection fractions were accompanied by a remarkable clinical improvement in these heart failure patients.

Based on the findings from this study, Dr. Langsjoen?s group concluded:
?It is our preliminary observation that ubiquinol has dramatically improved absorption in patients with severe heart failure and that the improvement in plasma CoQ10 levels is strongly correlated with both clinical improvement and improvement in measurement of left ventricular function.?

Why Congestive Heart Failure Deaths are Increasing
Congestive heart failure currently strikes five million Americans. Most victims are over 65, an age when cardiac muscle CoQ10 levels are sharply depleted (by as much as 72%) compared with youth.

Each year, about one million Americans are hospitalized because of congestive heart failure and nearly 53,000 die directly from it.

A predicted increase in heart failure mortality can be attributed to several factors, including obesity-diabetes, more people surviving heart attacks (with heart muscle damage), and an aging population. Normal aging causes a severe depletion of CoQ10 in tissues throughout the body, which helps explain why older people suffer more congestive heart failure.

An even more insidious reason why more cardiac patients are dying from congestive heart failure is the prescribing of statin drugs without sufficient CoQ10 intake. Since statin drugs deplete CoQ1018 synthesis in the body, one can easily see why congestive heart failure deaths are skyrocketing in those being aggressively treated by mainstream cardiologists.

Those at high risk for heart disease (such as diabetics) and those who have survived a heart attack often need to be prescribed a statin drug to reduce additional coronary artery occlusion. These statin drug users also need to supplement with an adequate amount of CoQ10 to protect against the cardiac cell energy depletion that is the underlying cause of congestive heart failure.

Multiple Advantages of Ubiquinol Over Ubiquinone
Last year, we provided what we thought was irrefutable evidence of the multiple advantages of the ubiquinol form of CoQ10. Compared with conventional ubiquinone CoQ10, ubiquinol was shown to absorb into the bloodstream up to eight times better,20-22 reduce fatigue 90% more effectively,28 and slow aging in middle-aged mice 40% better.19
Some commercial supplement companies, however, told their customers that all they had to do was take more ubiquinone to obtain the same benefits of ubiquinol. Commercial companies had a self-serving reason for sticking with ubiquinone-their profit margins on it were significantly higher.

We at the Life Extension Foundation take a different view. Keeping our members in a youthful state of longevity is the most efficient way of maintaining the revenue stream we need to fund our scientific research projects. We had no problem reducing our margins to provide members with the clearly superior ubiquinol form of CoQ10.

Dr. Langsjoen?s remarkable findings that high-dose ubiquinone was ineffective for advanced heart failure patients, whereas ubiquinol reversed the course of the disease, provide the most conclusive evidence to date of the superiority of ubiquinol CoQ10.

10-13-2009, 08:07 PM
Dr. Grekos recommends Ubiquinol for his patients. That's one reason we offer it at www.seachangeforlife.com I take this form of CoQ10 as well.

11-24-2009, 05:46 PM
What an interesting thread. Yes Dr. Grekos does highly recommend Ubiquinol CoQ10 and also L-Carnitine and L-Arginine and I am a user of all three vitamin supplements.
I noticed that a contributor to this wonderful Web-site, a man by the name of "Karl" and who has been successfully treated by Dr. Grekos has mentioned something interesting on this site. Karl as I recall stated that his experience is that stem cell benefits for Heart failure victims might last about three years.( His stem cell therapy as I recall was for something other than heart failure.) I realize that heart failure has has many differest facets and degrees. However, I wonder if there is any general study that informs us as to the longevity benefits of Stem cells for heart failure patients?

11-24-2009, 07:14 PM
Yep CoQ10 is great stuff!! It is advised that anyone on a statin med take COQ10 as it depleted by the statins. My Mom who was 81 took CoQ10 100mg 3x's daily gel form she had 4 inoperable blocked coronary arteries 90+% blocked for 10 years + PAD. Doctors always wondered what I was giving her.