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01-26-2009, 10:48 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been reading the forum for several months now. My husband has COPD and we moved from Colorado to Southern California 9 years ago so that he could get away from the O2 24/7, and the change has been a good one for him, although his condition has grown progressively worse the higher oxygen concentration at sea level has made him much more comfortable. In the mean time I have been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my knees and am a knee replacement candidate, so I'm really interested in stem cell therapies for cartilage replacement.

I'm interested in the experiences people have had with Dr. Steenblock as I have been considering his treatment for my husband. I've been in contact with Regenexx in Colorado with the idea of having my knees treated, and subscribe to their newsletter. These seem to be the only legal autologus treatments available in the US - does anyone know of any others? It seems like there have been a few experimental treatments done here and there, but nothing else that I have found.

Looking forward to exchanging information,


01-27-2009, 12:24 AM
I think you made the wise choice moving to Southern California. I fight the high altitude here in Colorado and the thin air makes a difference. One of these days.................... Dr. Feinerman is doing autologous treatment in Florida and there is a private study going on in Southern California if you are interested. I have had 2 autologous treatments with Dr. Steenblock. My second one produced a lot of stem cells and I felt great afterwards. Then my husband gave me a nasty cold for Christmas which never really manifested itself in any outward symptoms, but I have had a month's worth of feeling rotten. I am just now getting back to feeling better. I do not believe one autologous treatment will do it for anyone with a disease as serious as COPD. Dr. Steenblock also can do more advanced treatments in Mexico and there is another pilot program about to start there also that will accept COPD patients. Treatment in both cases is in Tijuana. You might want to consider the Cell Advance treatment protocol too. I participate in it and find it very interesting and hopefully successful. More details can be obtained at www.seachangeforlife.com Also, you will be pleased to know that Dr. Schultz from Regenexx will host the Ask the Doctor forum next month, so please think of some good questions for him.