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Grampa Reynolds
01-02-2009, 10:18 PM
I should have added this comment/question to my previous post (see Nuerological Diseases/ Spinal Muscular Atrophy).

It appears that many older children and adults appear to see improvement from Stem Cell therapy. However is there anyone in this group that can verify to our family that stem therapy has helped infants? When I say infants I am particularly refer to 1.5- 2 years and under. Our granddaughter is 7 months old and treatment for infants is more limited.

Sharing any of your experiences is appreciated.


Grampa Reynolds

01-02-2009, 11:30 PM
Mr Reynolds
My daughter was 2 years old when she had her 2nd treatment the first was done at 18 months old which didn't work due to how the procedure was adminstered. My daughter had a fetal stroke at 19 weeks gestation which caused spastic quadaplegia cerebral palsy,hypertonia, mircrocephaly, she can't walk or talk and had very limited movement. After her 2nd treatment wirh Dr Fenierman and Dr Paino (the nuerosurgeon) in Peru. My daughter stood dor 3 seconds unassisted, her head control has improved, her vocals have improved and my husband and I heard her call us each mama and dada on last Sunday and last Tuesday. Dr Feinerman is a pediatrican and Dr. Paino the nuerosurgeon who did the procedure are two of the most nicest people who will ever meet. Plus they KNOW what they are doing. Dr Feinerman's website is stemcellregenmed.com do not add the www. My daughter is Ava M through the site and it you have any questions private message me and I will give you my phone number.

Ava had treatment on May 22 08 at SCB unsuccessful
Ava had treatment on Nov 7 08 in Lima Peru stemcellregenmed.com WORKED!!!

01-07-2009, 02:48 AM
Hi, our son who is 22 months old started his stem cell treatment in Delhi 7 weeks back. he has since then started to roll over, sit up on his own and started standing up on his own (with support) 4 days back. the spasticity has not improved as much as want it to. His congnitive skills have improved greatly and his vocabulary has gone up from 10 words to at least 40 words! he is now trying to crawl! he is doing very well within 7 weeks.Doctor says that this is just the beginning. We are now beginning to believe in miracles. she has asked us to do a spect scan immediately so that we know for sure that we are not imagining the improvements and the healing of the brain!

She has a GLP & GMP certificate and has been working on stem cells for the last 9 - 10 years. The good thing is she is both - the scientist and the doctor.We are praying that the big miracle happens before our son's second birthday!

01-07-2009, 11:42 AM
Good for him! I am sure you are ecstatic. I hope he continues to get better and better.

Grampa Reynolds
01-07-2009, 11:13 PM
Glad to hear you son is doing well. Our grandaughter is limited in how far she can travel at one time. We have communicated with some of the Doctors who have contributed to this site in the past. Thanks to Barbara and Tami who have assisted in forwarding contacts and shared experiences. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Best Regards - Grampa Reynolds :)

01-08-2009, 05:13 PM
I get so frosted when I hear comments on traveling being too difficult for someone. I have the same problem. I cannot fly so I have to be able to get treatment in a location that I can drive to. It just boggles my mind why the U.S. government and other governments, think they are protecting us by not allowing treatment where we live. Those that have used up all conventional means for treatment are having to travel far from home and to me this poses risks as traveling can be very, very difficult for ill people. I guess the FDA doesn't consider this and figures that those of us that do such things do them at our own risk. I would agree, but would then like to be able to have stem cell treatment, if I choose to, at my own risk right here at home. Makes perfect sense to me. The risk to me is certainly no greater than the risk my government has already imposed on me. And dying from a disease that could be treated by stem cells, but can't because of governmental regulations, is the ultimate risk if you ask me that the FDA wants us to take.