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I had a hard time getting information from their website. I will put some feelers out and see what I can find out for you. Where would the treatment take place? Have you researched other clinics and compared treatments and costs? I will let you know if I hear anything, good or bad. Welcome to our forum by the way! Maybe, someone else on here can give us some information too. I would appreciate anyone with feedback to post on the open forum so that we can all share the information.

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Here is the reply I got from a very knowledgeable source:

I went to the website and went through their spiel. What caught my eye was the actual procedure they utilize -- and I quote:

Once the local anesthesia takes effect, several very small 1 inch incisions are prepared by the physician to receive the Placental Stem Cell Implants. The powerful tissue is placed under the skin and closed with one suture. Patients with a variety of conditions report a positive response to treatment within 24 hours. For the next six months to a year, the tissue is slowly integrated and absorbed by the body.
This approach was one advocated by a physician who was basically run out of the USA -- Alfred Sapse, MD http://www.kvbc.com/Global/story.asp?S=5958748
. The website doesn't mention him, but I am aware of the fact that Dr. Sapse took his controversial technique to Mexico.

This raises a few yellow flags in my mind. But of even greater concern -- whether Sapse is involved or not -- are 2 aspects: (1) QA/QC with respect to their placental tissue (Where do they get it? Is there an independent and trustworthy lab screening and certifiying the placental tissues sent to ISCI for human implant?); and (2) What evidence can they offer that these tissues (a) will not be rejected (I have run across placental tissue rejection stories -- involving Mexico -- 2004. I examined one patient in the throes of rejection -- but must note that his treatment was not done by ISCI. I don't believe this clinic/firm existed back then) and (b) are clinical effective (Testimonials aside). Maybe I missed something, but I saw no clinical studies of any kind that point to efficacy for specific conditions.

My bottom line advice is: Caveat emptor!

Note from Barbara: We have had the issue of certification come up before with Stem Cell Biotherapy. This company refuses to give certification to patients and therefore has been red flagged on this forum. This is such an important issue for those getting anything but autologous stem cell therapy. It simply has to be addressed by any clinic you choose to go to and if they choose to ignore it, then you should choose to ignore to go there. I do not know if there would be clinical studies that they can give to you for your situation, but the basic of any treatment is safety. I would certainly ask more questions of this company and then research several others so that you can really compare treatments and costs. I hope you will keep us updated in your quest.

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Dr. Burton Feinerman is currently treating with umbilical cord stem cells with Dr. Paino in Peru. I can e-mail his contact info if you would like. Several of our members will be back this week who have recently had treatment there or taken their children there. I am not familiar with the clinic you mention in Ecuador. Again, CAUTION is the word when you can't get a lot of information from anyone.

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I did get a message today from Dr. Feinerman that the group that went to Peru last week did very well. I also heard from two of the people in the group who have promised to post once they get back and get settled. Dr. Feinerman is working with Dr. Paino in Peru who is a well known, well trained neuro-surgeon and I might add very well respected. I will be asking Dr. Feinerman to update us on his new clinic as soon as he can also. In the meantime, anyone that wishes to contact Dr. Feinerman, can ask and I will provide his private e-mail.

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