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  1. Marrow-derived stem cells deliver new cytokine to kill brain tumor cells, offer prote
  2. Geraldine Ferraro bout with multiple myeloma
  3. Kidney cancer
  4. Stem cell find for child cancer
  5. More Good News about Stem Cells
  6. Leukaemia cell culprit discovered
  7. Cord blood cancer therapy boost
  8. Cancer patient recovers after injection of immune cells
  9. UC Cells Transport Anti-Cancer Drugs Directly to Tumors
  10. Autologous Stem Cell transplantation for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  11. Cord blood for pediatric leukemia
  12. Even Mismatched Cord Blood Can Help Kids
  13. Stem cell hope for bowel cancer
  14. Cancer brake 'could halt disease'
  15. Combo treatment may help pancreatic cancer
  16. Relationship between cancer stem cells and breast cancer uncovered
  17. BM stem cells show promise in killing off tumors
  18. Cancer patients being accepted by stem cell clinic, including end stage patients
  19. Autologous Stem Cell Transplants Effective for Recurrent Pediatric Brain Tumors
  20. Rare Form of Leukemia treated with Stem Cells
  21. No side effects seen in Stem Cell treatment for Batten Disease
  22. Stem Cell Transplantation Associated With Survival Benefit For Patients With Leukemia
  23. Easy to understand article on becoming a bone marrow donor
  24. Cancer stem cells are a hot topic
  25. StemEx - Clinical Trial for Adolescent Leukemia, Lymphoma
  26. Plerixa Injection Approved in EU to Enhance Mobilisation of Stem Cells for non-Hodgki
  27. New Drug improves Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer Patients
  28. news from the uk
  29. Wilmot Cancer Center Performs 1st Outpatient Stem Cell Transplant
  30. ww11 drug
  31. new gene to kill cancers
  32. Study Finds Aspirin Protects Against Colon Cancer
  33. Aurothiomalate being studied in a preclinical lung cancer model
  34. Diabetic Drug Metformin kills cancer cells
  35. Stem Cell Research Offers Hope for Colon Cancer Vaccine
  36. Stem cells hide scars: New hope for women disfigured by cancer
  37. Stem Cells Being Tested to Fight Pancreatic Cancer
  38. Prostate tumours from a surprising source
  39. Cancer stem cell breakthrough
  40. Advanced Leukemia Successfully Treated
  41. small cell lung cancer
  42. how to beat cancer
  43. Stem Cell Recommendations for Metastatic Lung Cancer?
  44. Stem Cells Reverse Damage From Chemo in Study
  45. Anticancer Activity Seen by Geron in Lab Study
  46. Results of Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation for Older Patients with Myeloma
  47. Blocking Inflammation Receptor Kills Breast Cancer Stem Cells, Study Finds
  48. First Successful Use of Expanded Umbilical-Cord Blood Units to Treat Leukemia
  49. Faster way to study cancer cells discovered
  50. Study weighs benefits of transplants for leukemia
  51. Cord blood stem cells used on leukemia patient to save his life
  52. New tool illuminates connections between stem cells and cancer
  53. Stem cell markers could aid in prognosis and method of treatment
  54. Regenerative Medicine gets approval for solid tumor treatment protocol
  55. Potential To Prevent Relapse Of Leukemia By Targeting Cell Pathway
  56. Classic view of cancer challenged by new theory
  57. Brain tumors: Tissue stem cell turning into tumor stem cell
  58. Test for Lung Cancer in the works
  59. Master of the Cell
  60. Researchers attack stem cells that cause colon cancer
  61. Broccoli component limits breast cancer stem cells
  62. PMH cancer researchers link ovarian hormone to breast stem cells growth
  63. Fate-swapping cells drive deadly tumor
  64. Husband-and-wife team lead stem cell program to put an end to cancer
  65. Explaining The Persistence Of Melanoma
  66. Breast Cancer Vaccine
  67. Cord blood transplants a viable option in leukemia
  68. Melanoma-initiating cell identified by Stanford scientists
  69. 'Stem cell detectives' uncover potential cancer cause
  70. Comp. therapy does not cut stem cell distress in kids
  71. Would 60 Minutes Call This Snake Oil - The Word Cure is Mentioned
  72. Grant to fund research into eradicating the leukemia stem cell
  73. Geron Initiates Randomized Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Imetelstat in Non-Small Cell Lun
  74. Irradiating stem cell niche doubles survival in brain cancer patients
  75. Researchers Study Cancer Stem Cells as Therapeutic Targets for Mesothelioma
  76. Scientists pinpoint a cell-of-origin for human prostate cancer
  77. Effective Treatment For Multiple Myeloma
  78. Missing Puma Gene Reveals Cancer Conundrum
  79. Fat-derived stem cells demonstrate cancer suppressive effect
  80. ONCOLOGY: Identifying liver cancer stem cells
  81. 10 yr old girl
  82. Cell-of-origin for lung cancer?
  83. New Twist on Drug Screening to Treat Common Childhood Cancer
  84. Surprise breast cancer source
  85. Reducing Stem Cell Loss During Cancer Treatment
  86. Stem cells used in windpipe transplant for cancer patients
  87. Suicide genes
  88. U-M stem cell trial shows promise against breast cancer
  89. High response rate in myeloma sc trial
  90. Safety Confirmed Of Breast Augmentation With Autologous Fat Stem Cells
  91. Too much SP2 protein turns stem cells into 'evil twin' cancer cells
  92. "Colon cancer stem cells are thought to be the root of therapy resistance
  93. Nanoshells appear to kill cancer at root
  94. NSAIDs cause stem cells to self-destruct, preventing colon cancer
  95. Stem cell therapy and Chinese Medicine combo helps cancer patient
  96. Stem cells used in attempt to cure brain cancer
  97. Discovery halts breast cancer stem cells
  98. Marrow, Stem Cell Donation Safe
  99. Rogue stem cells 'key to leukaemia'
  100. Cell of origin for brain tumors may predict response to therapy
  101. Improvement in method after decades of treatment
  102. Cancer Symposium 2010 - Adult Stem Cells and Cancer
  103. One step closer to a cure for cancer?
  104. The Answer To Wiping Out Cancer Could Be World's First Chemical Guided Missile
  105. Cord blood stem cells used to help cure girl of brain cancer in Spain
  106. Stem Cells Offer Clues To Bowel Cancer Origin And Relapse
  107. Prostate Cancer Spreads To Bones By Overtaking The Home Of Blood Stem Cells
  108. Enhanced cord blood stem cell transplants safe in long-term studies
  109. Bellingham girl gets life-saving gift from her brother
  110. Most patients recover from 'chemo-brain' by 5 years after stem cell transplant
  111. Scientists change normal tissue stem cells into cancer stem cells
  112. Oncolytic viruses effectively target and kill pancreatic cancer stem cells
  113. Stem cell treatment to prevent leukemia returning is a step closer, say scientists
  114. Drugs target cancer stem cells
  115. Groundbreaking test may help personalize cancer treatment regimen
  116. Follow Reuters Facebook Twitter RSS YouTube READ Mississippi most obese state, Colo
  117. 'Super' stem cell keeps liver cancer going
  118. Study Identifies Potential Treatment for Glioma
  119. SC treatment may restore cognitive function in patients with brain cancer
  120. Stem cell study reveals complexity of glue molecule’s role in cancer
  121. Cancer stem cells recruit normal stem cells to fuel ovarian cancer
  122. Treating Advanced Breast Cancer with Adult Stem Cells
  123. The Saturday Cup of Coffee with Eddy Davis
  124. 'Amazing' therapy wipes out leukemia in study
  125. New Treatment Option for Advanced Prostate Cancer
  126. Breakthrough research isolates human blood stem cell in its purest form
  127. Ultrasound improves stem cell transplants
  128. A novel cancer stem cell marker in glioma
  129. Gene therapy kills breast cancer stem cells, boosts chemotherapy
  130. ECCO-ESMO: Stem Cell Therapy Still Multiple Myeloma Mainstay
  131. Researchers develop new way to screen for brain cancer stem cell killers
  132. Age no longer a barrier to stem cell transplantation for older patients
  133. Embryonic Signal Drives Pancreatic Cancer And Offers A Way To Kill It
  134. Researchers engineer blood stem cells to fight melanoma
  135. Avastin, Sutent increase breast cancer stem cells, study shows
  136. Nanotube Therapy Takes Aim at Breast Cancer Stem Cells
  137. Unrelated Donor Stem Cell Transplantation May work In Multiple Myeloma patients
  138. Are Cancer Stem Cells Ready for Prime Time?
  139. Treatment Of Multiple Myeloma Debate
  140. Scientists discover neural stem cells with tumour targeting ability
  141. Scientists identify prostate cancer stem cells
  142. Gene-Modified Stem Cell Transplant Protects Patients from Chemotherapy
  143. Novel Way to Treat Drug-Resistant Brain Tumor Cells
  144. Some stem cells can trigger tumors
  145. Girl saved by stem cells after Bone Marrow transplant
  146. Metformin treatment caused cancer stem cell death in pancreatic cancer cell lines
  147. Carcinogens Linked to Cancer Stem Cells, but Spinach Can Help
  148. Scientists identify new cancer stem cell mechanism
  149. Pediatric tumors traced to stem cells in developing brain
  150. Pluristem stem cell therapy saves woman with bone marrow failure
  151. A Link Between Stem Cell Regulation And Cancer
  152. Leukemia Originates from Blood Stem Cells
  153. Isolating Stem Cells from Brain Tumors
  154. Providing lasting protection against the progression of multiple myeloma
  155. Stem Cells Can Restore Male Fertility After Cancer
  156. Scientists find a master control gene for blood stem cells
  157. Stem Cell Finding Could Advance Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer
  158. Surprising Discovery About SCs Reveals How A Common Breast Cancer Evades Treatment
  159. New stem cell transplant technique shows promising results
  160. Breast Cancer Stem Cells Can Be Targeted To Stop The Disease
  161. Using Fat to Fight Brain Cancer
  162. New Method Developed to Expand Blood Stem Cells for Bone Marrow Transplant
  163. Scientists Discover Driving Force Behind Prostate Cancer
  164. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor
  165. Brain cancer treatment using genetic material from bone marrow cells
  166. dca and cancer
  167. Robust cancer therapies will mean more aggressive stem cell therapies
  168. Stem Cells Derived from Fat Tissue May be Used in the Future 4 Mesothelioma Treatment
  169. Cell-Based Myeloma Vaccine May Deepen Responses After Stem Cell Transplantation
  170. 'Undruggable' Cancer May Be Druggable After All: New Target Identified
  171. Low Doses of BPA Linked to Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer in Human Stem Cells
  172. Scientists Discover Single Gene That Causes Half of All Cancers
  173. Surgeons may have a new way to smoke out cancer.
  174. Could Sleeping Stem Cells Hold Key to Treatment of Aggressive Blood Cancer?
  175. Digest This: Cure for Cancer May Live in Our Intestines
  176. Researchers Find Home of Best Stem Cells for Bone Marrow Transplants
  177. Stem cell treatment combo offers new hope in fighting deadly brain cancer
  178. Scientists Unlock DNA Secrets of 30 Cancers
  179. Mesothelioma: Two Groundbreaking Trials
  180. Advanced Melanoma patients survival improved with stem cell therapy
  181. Experimental drug shows promise against brain, prostate cancers
  182. FDA approves phase 3 stem cell trial for metastatic melanoma
  183. Prostate cancer stem cells are a moving target
  184. Breakthrough in Treating Leukemia, Lymphoma Patients
  185. Researchers target cancer stem cells in malignant brain tumors
  186. Researchers Discover Tumor Suppressor Gene in Very Aggressive Lung Cancer
  187. Learning About Cancer by Studying Stem Cells
  188. New prostate cancer drugs may not target root cause of disease, scientists warn
  189. New stem cell breakthrough brings breast cancer treatment closer to reality
  190. Prostate's Early Growth May Reveal Cures for Later Illnesses
  191. Tiny Northwest Biotherapeutics aims to dominate brain cancer
  192. Ancient Chinese Medicine Joins Cancer Fight
  193. Several FDA-approved anti-cancer drugs induce stem cell tumors
  194. Promising new approach discovered to treat leukemia
  195. Small Steps Towards Thymus Regeneration at the SENS Research Foundation
  196. Study links stem cell gene to prostate cancer susceptibility
  197. Novartis Needs Special Delivery for Potent Cell Therapy
  198. Cancer treatment: The killer within
  199. Pushing the boundaries of stem cells
  200. Herpes-loaded stem cells used to kill brain tumors
  201. New miracle drugs might ‘cure’ lung cancer
  202. Bad nerves cause cancer - New Stem Cell Study Sure to Raise Eyebrows
  203. Stem cells may be more widespread and with greater potential than previously believed
  204. Deleting a promising cancer treatment
  205. Important piece in brain tumor puzzle found by scientists
  206. The "seeds" of breast cancer metastasis targeted by stem cell researcher
  207. Entest BioMedical Inc. program to focus on feline leukemia & canine cancer
  208. Scientists Discover Method To 'Expand' Stem Cells In The Laboratory
  209. Stem cell transplants are saving lives in South Africa
  210. Genetically Modified Stem Cells Kill Brain Tumors
  211. NSAIDs prevent colon cancer by inducing death of intestinal stem cells
  212. Tumor suppressor also inhibits key property of stem cells Read more at http://science
  213. ‘Wound response’ of cancer stem cells may explain chemo-resistance in bladder cancer
  214. Cancer uses abdominal stem cells to fuel growth, metastasis
  215. Reprogramming stem cells may prevent cancer after radiation
  216. WHat Is the Difference Between Aaerobic, and Aerobic, Cancers, in terms of Treatment?
  217. Graphene derivative interferes with seemingly invincible cancer stem cells
  218. New Stem Cell Test May Help Identify Breast Cancer And Treat It More Quickly
  219. When Cancer Cells Stop Acting Like Cancer
  220. BioLineRX stem cell leukemia drug meets goals in early trial
  221. Girl With High-Risk Leukemia Saved With Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord Donation
  222. Virginia Tech Scientists Watch Brain Tumor Cells Respond to Treatment in Real Time
  223. Evidence grows that melanoma drugs benefit some lung cancer patients
  224. Oral milk thistle extract stops colorectal cancer stem cells from growing tumors
  225. SC based therapy promising for treatment of breast cancer metastases in the brain
  226. German Regulators Decry Lack of Trial Transparency in Look at Stem Cell Transplantati
  227. New anti-cancer stem cell compound in development
  228. Milk Thistle Extract Stops Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells From Growing Tumors
  229. Nanoparticles Target, Kill Cancer Stem Cells
  230. Cancer Cure Update: Protein Disrupts Brain Tumor Stem Cells, Stops Spread Of Disease
  231. Stanford stem cell product for breast cancer to be tested again
  232. This is not good news
  233. Avocado Compound Proven To Kill Leukemia Stem Cells
  234. Experimental treatment sends deadly leukemia into remission
  235. 10 years waiting - CIRM Funded Stem Cell Clinic @ City of Hope Treats Its 1st Patient
  236. Alumna on the road to curing cancer
  237. Prostate cancer: Scientists discover why some tumous are resistant to radiotherapy
  238. Clinical trial uses the body's own immune cells to fight cancer
  239. Can stem cells cause and cure cancer?
  240. Regen BioPharma implements gene silencing technology in killing cancer stem cells
  241. Fighting Cancer One Immune Cell at a Time
  242. Adoptive Immunotherapy’s Time Has Come
  243. Frank Bures' Healthful Hint: Melanoma in the news after Carter diagnosis
  244. Stem cells are not the only potential source of cancer
  245. Pancreatic cancer stem cells could be 'suffocated' by an anti-diabetic drug
  246. Sponge Captures Circulating Tumor Cells to Spot, Prevent Spread of Cancer
  247. Rare match: Historic sibling stem-cell transplant saves Quebec boy's life
  248. Metastatic breast cancer cells turn on stem cell genes
  249. Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment boosts the success of umbilical cord blood transplants
  250. The perfect match might be the imperfect one