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  1. Antioxidants cause malignant melanoma to metastasize faster
  2. Sleep deprivation affects stem cells, reducing transplant efficiency, study finds
  3. Deadly prostate cancer cells have stem cell qualities
  4. Boynton Beach doctor fighting cancer with stem cells
  5. 'Designer cells' reverse one-year-old's cancer
  6. New spinoff to commercialize cord blood stem cell therapies
  7. Insights to how ovarian cancer grows, and potential to stop it
  8. Gene Editing Is Huge Leap Forward in Fight Against Cancer
  9. Brothers-in-arms: How P53 and telomeres work together to stave off cancer
  10. Researchers Pinpoint Where Cancer Cells May Begin
  11. Building a Better Vaccine for Tumor Immunotherapy
  12. Child with high risk leukemia recovers after adult stem cell transplant
  13. Hacking the Programs of Cancer Stem Cells
  14. Pen-Sized Microscope Could ID Cancer Cells in Doctor's Offices and OR
  15. Gene family turns cancer cells into aggressive stem cells that keep growing
  16. Groundbreaking discovery made use skin cells to kill cancer
  17. Stem cells may increase survival for brain cancer patients
  18. New way to harvest stem cells better for donors
  19. The Two Faces of Fish Oil
  20. Meet Stemcentrx, the $US10.2 billion Silicon Valley firm that's curing cancer
  21. Bodyís Own Gene Editing System Generates Leukemia Stem Cells
  22. Crowdfunding Progress Towards a Universal Therapy for All Cancers
  23. Skin Cancer Tracked from (Stem) Cell of Origin
  24. Cancer in context: 37 years of painstakingly collected data
  25. better quality of life reported/Bone marrow transplant patients vs peripheral blood
  26. 'Cancer-fighting' berry in Australian rainforests
  27. Blood cancer treatment may age immune cells as much as 30 years
  28. Bladder cancer research rife with new approaches
  29. New target could halt growth, spread of ovarian cancer
  30. Stem cell research offers new hope for oesophageal cancer treatment
  31. Vitamin C effective in targeting cancer stem cells
  32. Cancer Detection and Location Blood Test Developed
  33. Englandís failure in the war on cancer: lunacy on parade
  34. Approaching a decades-old goal: Making blood stem cells from patients' own cells
  35. Antibody for fighting cancer emerges
  36. Combining vitamin C with antibiotics destroys cancer stem cells
  37. Grape-based compounds kill colon cancer stem cells in mice
  38. Hormone replacement therapies help breast cancer grow, spread
  39. McCain May Benefit from Glioblastoma Tx Advances
  40. How a chemo drug can help cancer spread from the breast to the lungs
  41. Two Tales That End in Blood
  42. Are stem cells the link between bacteria and cancer?
  43. Cellectis shares slump as death puts cell therapy tests on hold
  44. Zika virus kills brain cancer stem cells
  45. CIRM $20 Million Cancer Award from 2012 Bears Clinical Trial Fruit
  46. Stem cells give new hope to AML patient
  47. Plant substance inhibits cancer stem cells
  48. A Potentially Better Way To Treat Liver Cancer
  49. Scientists pinpoint surprising origin of melanoma
  50. Drug-delivering nanoparticles seek and destroy elusive cancer stem cells
  51. Prostate Cancer Liquid Biopsy Results Differed Substantially Between Two Providers
  52. Stage-3 myeloma cancer completely ELIMINATED with a turmeric supplement
  53. Are You Eating These 8 Nutrients That Block Cancer Metastasis?
  54. 'Miraculous' new cancer vaccine completely wipes out tumors
  55. Scientists target glioma cancer stem cells, which could improve patient survival
  56. Ultra-processed Foods and Cancer: Possible Link in Big French Study
  57. Minimizing risks of transplants
  58. Dandelion root extract found to kill leukemia cells, prostate cancer cells and.......
  59. Esophageal Cancer (adenocarcinoma)
  60. New CAR-T therapy could provide safer, more effective cancer treatment
  61. Signs of bowel cancer
  62. Two Tales That End in Blood
  63. How your genes could be used to cure cancer
  64. Proposed cancer treatment may boost lung cancer stem cells, study warns
  65. Proposed cancer treatment may boost lung cancer stem cells, study warns
  66. Sprayable gel could fight off post-surgery cancer
  67. A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they think they found one
  68. Cancer industry plotting to DESTROY the new cancer cure developed by Israelis
  69. Starving Cancer Stem Cells Could Be the Trick to Treating Glioblastoma, Study Finds
  70. Intravenous and Interstitial Photodynamic Laser Therapy: New Options in Oncology
  71. Cancer: Are probiotics making immunotherapy less effective?
  72. Study Shows Dogs Can Accurately Sniff Out Cancer In Blood
  73. Discovery of 'kingpin' stem cell may help in the understanding of cancerous tumors
  74. Shutting down deadly pediatric brain cancer at its earliest moments
  75. UCSD patient gets first cancer treatment made from stem cells
  76. Lung cancer under-recognized in people who have never smoked
  77. Cancer drugs promote stem cell properties of colorectal cancer
  78. The Molecule-sized drill that kills cancer
  79. Drug Makes Tumors More Susceptible To Chemo
  80. Mill Creek Life Sciences Receives Grant from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota.........
  81. How antioxidants can hasten the spread of lung cancer
  82. New Class of Cancer-killing Agents Could Eradicate Cancer Stem Cells
  83. Could artificial intelligence be the future of cancer diagnosis?
  84. UCI team develops noninvasive bone cancer treatment using stem cells
  85. Unlocking therapies for hard-to-treat lung cancers
  86. Old cells, new tricks: important clue to AML diagnosis and treatment discovered
  87. Blood-cancer survivor celebrates 10th anniversary of life-saving stemcell transplant
  88. Adding MS Drug To Targeted Cancer Therapy May Improve Glioblastoma Outcomes
  89. California's $76 Million Bet: Something Called CAR-T, Cancer and Promises
  90. New drug target for glioblastoma
  91. Treating dogs with human breast cancer drug