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  1. SPINAL CORD INJURY - Senate testimony
  2. Man Walks
  3. Primecell
  4. Nerve bypass 'may end paralysis'
  5. Some Intersting Recent News
  6. stem cell therapy in kids with SCI
  7. can now breathe on his own
  8. Axonal Remyelination by Cord Blood Stem Cells after Spinal Cord Injury
  9. Doctor injecting patients with stem cells
  10. Scientists coax brain cells in mice to regenerate
  11. Spinal Cord stem cells may act as nerve repair system
  12. Comments from the CEO of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
  13. New window opened on spinal cord regenerative strategies
  14. Multiple route bone marrow treatments may help SCI
  15. Embryonic/BMSC combo may eliminate tumor problem for SCI patients
  16. News from the Reeves Foundation
  17. Blue food dye lessens spinal cord injuries
  18. Stem Cell Trial for Spinal Cord Injury
  19. StemCyte Conducting Stem Cell Clinical Trials For Spinal Cord Injuries
  20. Stem Cell Therapy Gives Paralyzed, Blinded Man New Hope
  21. A Drug to Cure Spinal Cord Injuries?
  22. Walking Ability Restored In Rats With Neck Injuries
  23. Spinal cord injury receives new hope from stem cell research
  24. Americans for Cures needs help from NY Residents and anyone affected by SCI
  25. SpineSmith To Present At The 5th Annual Stem Cell Summit
  26. Modified adult stem cells may help patients with spinal cord injury
  27. Paralysed limbs revived by hacking into nerve
  28. Stem cell research project
  29. Amanda Defying the Odds with hESCs from Dr. Geeta Shroff
  30. spine damage and stem cells
  31. Stem cell therapy helps dog walk
  32. Stem cell researchers successfully treat spinal cord injuries in mice
  33. TCA Cellular Therapy enrolls first patient for adult stem cell clinical trial
  34. Mice movement neurons regenerated after spinal cord injury
  35. Cell treatment helps mice long after spine injury
  36. A Mount Shasta teen is defying the odds
  37. An invitation to the new bionic exoskeleton launch
  38. Damaged spinal cord tissue repaired by stem cells
  39. Amanda in the news again
  40. SCI Member, Amanda, on CNN
  41. Spinal cord injury patient successfully
  42. StemCells plans chronic spinal cord injury trial
  43. Japan team say stem cells helped monkey jump again
  44. Possible New Approach To Stem Cell Therapy For Spinal Cord Injury
  45. Spinal Cord Injury Patient Treated With Non-Matched Adult Stem Cells
  46. New Zealand stem cell trial gets green light
  47. Concerns over spinal cell trial
  48. They knew it had to have a purpose
  49. SCI human testing may be available in a couple of years
  50. First Patients Treated with ReN001 Discharged
  51. Dr Ramirez
  52. Question
  53. First patient treated with embryonic stem cells for spinal cord injuries
  54. Second spinal cord injury patient in stem cell trial (Reuters)
  55. Potential to aid spinal cord injury tested
  56. Update on Amanda Boxtel
  57. 10 Spine and Neurosurgeons Working With Stem Cells
  58. Body suit may soon enable the paralyzed to walk
  59. Mesenchymal Stem Cells for SCI
  60. SCI question?
  61. Timing for clinical trials for stem cell therapy in spinal cord injuries is right
  62. Advancing research into new treatments for sci & degenerative brain disorders
  63. Spinal Membrane As A Source Of Stem Cells May Advance Spinal Cord Treatment
  64. Spinal cord treatment offers hope by using growth factors
  65. Spinal cord repair site
  66. Spinal cord injury treated with Stem cells
  67. U of M spinal cord injury research holds promise
  68. Stem Cell Transplant Patients Show Long Term Improvement
  69. In Rat Experiment, New Hope for Spine Injuries
  70. Good site for SCI news
  71. InVivo Therapeutics Protects And Regenerates The Spinal Cord
  72. UCI to receive $20 million stem cell research grant for spinal injury
  73. Cell Therapy Trial for Paralysis Gets FDA OK
  74. A tiny step forward for spinal cord injuries
  75. Stem cell therapy- the future treatment for spinal cord injury?
  76. Dogs paralysed by spine damage are able to walk again
  77. Stem cell man’s amazing recovery
  78. FDA OKs Neuralstem Trial Treating Spinal Cord Injuries With Stem Cells
  79. Stem cells breathe new life into paralyzed gymnast
  80. Stem cell therapy could help lion attack victim walk again
  81. New Hope for Reversing the Effects of Spinal Cord Injury
  82. Hong Kong stem-cell trial gives spinal patients hope
  83. Patients With Spinal Cord Injury Treated With Own Olfactory Ensheathing Cells
  84. Vietnam hospital successfully treats paralysis with stem cells
  85. Rare stem cell therapy aids area man
  86. Stem Cells Inc get IND for Spinal Cord Injuries
  87. Stepping toward hope
  88. Stem cell scarring aids recovery from spinal cord injury
  89. Will stem cell therapy help cure spinal cord injury?
  90. Stem cell-based clinical trial for spinal injuries on the way
  91. Start of stem-cell study offers hope to patients with spinal-cord injuries
  92. Spinal stimulation helps 4 paralyzed patients regain voluntary movement
  93. Neuralstem spinal cord injury SC trial approved to commence at Univ of California
  94. Devon Walker
  95. Not stem cells, but very cool nevertheless
  96. Spinal cord mass arising from neural stem cell therapy
  97. Groundbreaking NIH study spurs hope for those with spinal cord injury
  98. UCSD Seeks Spinal Injury Patients For 5-Year Stem Cell Test
  99. Bypass commands from the brain to legs through a computer
  100. Stem cell trial for spinal cord injuries cleared by FDA
  101. Transplanted stem cells help prevent bladder fibrosis after spinal cord injury
  102. Stem cell industry's 'huge development' in Bay Area
  103. Cellular padding could help stem cells repair injuries
  104. Neuralstem treats first patient in phase I spinal cord injury stem cell trial
  105. Paralyzed man walks again after cell transplant
  106. Doctors who helped paralyzed man get back on his feet seek new patients
  107. Stem cell therapy aims to help Nelson on road to recovery
  108. Laboratory breakthrough offers promise for spinal cord injury patients
  109. Scientists herald a breakthrough in reversing spinal damage
  110. Conquer Paralysis Now Launches Challenge to Find a Cure in Next Decade
  111. Quadriplegic veteran to receive stem cell treatments
  112. Hope: Two paralyzed Georgia teens take different paths on stem cell treatment
  113. Stemedix
  114. Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury
  115. Stem cell procedures for paralysis patients
  116. India to be part of first clinical study using stem cells to cure spinal cord injury
  117. 3D Bioprinted Tissue Could Regenerate Nerve Cells
  118. Teenaged girl cured of paralysis with stem cell therapy at Nutech Mediworld
  119. Recovery of sensory function by stem cell transplants
  120. Rugby player vows to walk again
  121. Paralyzed Camp Hill man picked for new stem cell surgery
  122. Paralyzed men stand again
  123. Quadriplegic rapper banks banks hopes on stem cell treatment
  124. Michigan man paralyzed in lake accident undergoes rare stem-cell treatment
  125. Asterias's stem cell therapy shows promise in study
  126. Neuro-Spinal Scaffold for Repair of Spinal Cord Injuries
  127. Stem Cells To Order
  128. Stem cell treatment mediates harmful immune response following SCI
  129. StemCells Inc says spinal injury therapy shows promise
  130. Method to Repair Nerve Damage Discovered
  131. Orphan Drug Designation for acute spinal cord injury treatment
  132. Treatment SOS: Spinal Cord Regeneration
  133. Spinal Injury and ‘Biorobotic Control’ of the Bladder
  134. Twin Cities Doctors Receive Grant To Study Promising Therapy For Spinal Cord Injuries
  135. Stem cells used to successfully regenerate damage in corticospinal injury
  136. Implanted Brain Chip Allows Paralyzed Man to Regain Hand Movement
  137. Benefits of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries assessed
  138. Stem cell therapy restores arm, hand movement for paralyzed man
  139. US stem cell company treating quadriplegics looks to bring therapy to Australia
  140. Ryan Custer may join stem cell study
  141. First-in-Human Stem Cell Clinical Trial for Spinal Injury Expands
  142. Nipro closing in on stem cell cure for spinal cord injuries
  143. It's not a rat's race for human stem cells grafted to repair spinal cord injuries
  144. Using donor stem cells to treat spinal cord injury
  145. Nanoparticles Limit Damage In Spinal Cord Injury
  146. ‘Super exciting’ results in stem cell therapy trial
  147. Paraplegic rats walk and regain feeling after stem cell treatment
  148. Scientists have healed a rat's severed spinal cord.
  149. Mel Gibson and Dr. Riordan
  150. Scientists make cells that enable the sense of touch
  151. A Man Named Lucas and the Future of the California Stem Cell Agency
  152. Noninvasive Spinal Stimulation Method Enables Paralyzed People 2 Regain Use Of Hands
  153. Stem Cell-Based Phase I Trial To Repair Spinal Cord Injuries........
  154. Created line of spinal cord neural stem cells shows diverse promise
  155. Neuroscientists Restore Significant Bladder Control To 5 Men With SCI
  156. Regrowing Damaged Nerves Hinges On Shutting Down Key Genes
  157. Japan’s approval of stem-cell treatment for spinal-cord injury concerns scientists
  158. Stem Cell Therapy Helps Paralyzed Man Regain Mobility
  159. Japan approves test of iPS cells for treating spinal injuries