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  1. Stem Cells in the News
  2. beating heart tissue
  3. Cardiac team in stem-cell tests
  4. heart valve grown from stemcells
  5. Stem Cells Repair Hearts (Update3)
  6. Media Supresses Stem Cell Breakthrough
  7. Experimental Stem Cells for the Heart successful
  8. Newcomer - here for my daughter
  9. Do you suffer from cardiac problems?
  10. Injecting stem cells sparks progress in repairing heart
  11. Updates from cardiac patients that have had stem cell therapy
  12. Stem-cell patch may fix damaged hearts
  13. Medical Doctor Recovers from Heart Failure after Stem Cell Therapy
  14. Canadian Trial Uses Stem Cells To Regenerate Cardiac Tissue After Heart Attack
  15. Update on Erika
  16. New Stem Cell Heart Treatment Trial
  17. cardiac research
  18. Scientists have moved a step closer
  19. Advise on treatment for infants/children
  20. Dr. Payne's regimen for congestive heart failure
  21. Cell delivery patch for myocardial tissue engineering
  22. Cell delivery patch for myocardial tissue engineering
  23. Chf
  24. Congestive Heart Failure
  25. Potentiating Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Cardiac Regeneration
  26. mcream
  27. Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy in 2 Year Old
  28. Turning skin cells back into stem cells
  29. Pioneering stem cell treatment for heart failure could be used in three years
  30. Travels to Bangkok., etc
  31. Great Article
  32. Stem cell treatment effective in heart patients
  33. Road to Santo Domingo!
  34. Regenecell
  35. What to ask
  36. Mesoblast Announce Heart Muscle Function Improved After Single, Lowest-Dose Injection
  37. Stem cell derived from adipose will be used in chronic heart disease trial
  38. Adult bone marrow stem cells injected into skeletal muscle can repair heart tissue
  39. Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Provides Significant Benefits in Patients With Dilated C
  40. Milestone paper: First 5-year data on stem-cell treatment in Acute Myocardial Infarct
  41. Coumadine and Stem Cells
  42. heart stem cells study
  43. tcaway practice
  44. iPS cells used to repair hearts in mice
  45. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Repair Heart, Mayo Clinic Study Shows : New iPS Therap
  46. World's First Cardiac Adult Stem Cell Patient and Physicians Discuss Clinical Trial
  47. Stem cells from fat tissue could lead to biological pacemaker
  48. Growth factors without stem cells may be enough to repair heart
  49. University of Lousiville Doctors Perform Cardiac Stem Cell Procedure
  50. No placebos in this cardiac trial!
  51. University Miami Researchers Show How Stem Cell Line Regenerates New Cardiac
  52. Researching Stem Cells For Cardiac Treatment
  53. Trained Stem Cells to Help Heal Heart
  54. Researchers develop heart-repair method with adult stem cells
  55. Stemedica requests IND meeting with FDA for treatment of ischemic stroke
  56. New Heart Built with Stem Cells video
  57. Dr. Lasala Presents Advances at Cardiology Congress
  58. Stem Cell Treatment in El Salvador
  59. Stem cell trials offer hope of repairing damaged hearts
  60. Bioheart Inc. Announces Positive Results in the MARVEL Phase II/III Clinical Trial
  61. stemcells greece
  62. Haifa scientists successfully 'reprogram' human skin cells into heart cells
  63. Florida Company Tests Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy For Cardiovascular Disorders
  64. Stem cells + Gene Therapy = new blood vessel growth
  65. Major Improvements Made In Engineering Heart Repair Patches From Stem Cells
  66. Congestive Heart Failure and Ejection Fraction
  67. Delivering Stem Cells Without Surgery
  68. CHF Clincial Trial
  69. Local Doctors in CA using stem cells on cardiac patients
  70. Heart Disease Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trial
  71. Stem Cells May Improve Heart Bypass Results
  72. stem cell therapy improves exercise capacity in patients with enlarged hearts
  73. Transplanting People's Own Stem Cells Into Heart Lessens Pain, Improves Ability To Wa
  74. Adult stem cells show promise in hearts
  75. OPening New Path
  76. CBS News
  77. Houston Tx - Phase II Trial of Stem Cells and Acute Heart Attack
  78. Stem cell therapies for hearts inching closer to wide use
  79. artificial artery
  80. Restoring Function after Stroke with Adult Stem Cells
  81. Oak Park stem cell recipient gets good news
  82. FOCUS Study - Open for new patients
  83. Stem Cell Numbers Determine Cardiovascular Risk
  84. Reviving Hearts
  85. Echo vs. Muga
  86. Heart Stem Cells Move Closer to Human Treatments
  87. Louisville man seeks stem cel treamtne for stroke
  88. Not stem cells, but good news for coffee drinkers
  89. Surprising New Clues on How to Build a Heart
  90. Cardiac Stem Cell Clinical Trials in NC
  91. Cardiac Stem Cell Clinical Trial in Florida
  92. Cleveland Clinic spinoff starts trials on cardiovascular stem cell therapy
  93. Functional blood vessels made from asc's could replace synthetic grafts
  94. Magnet guides stem cells to damaged area of the heart
  95. Mending a broken heart
  96. Peptides Can Repair Damaged Heart Tissue
  97. Endometrial Regenerative Cells (ERC) Induces Benefit in Heart Failure Patient
  98. Stem cells from surgery leftovers could repair damaged hearts
  99. Transplanted adult stem cells provide lasting help to injured hearts
  100. Stem Cell longevity
  101. Success from Stem Cells for Heart Attacks
  102. Researchers 'Reprogram' Stem Cells Using Human Heart Tissue
  103. New source of stem cells form heart muscle cells, repair damage
  104. Bioheart to open centers in Jordon and Turkey
  105. Stem Cells Used to Create Abnormal Heart Cells
  106. Dobermans instead of rats for a change
  107. Stem cells reshape heart surgery
  108. Improving clinical use of stem cells to repair heart damage
  109. Nanoparticles Plus Adult Stem Cells Demolish Plaque
  110. Tests begin on stem cell cure for rare heart disease
  111. Athersys stem cell therapy could offer new heart attack treatment
  112. Stem-cell experiment on pigs seen as step forward in repairing heart damage
  113. Revolutionary Findings Prove Novel Mechanism of Stem Cells
  114. Regenerating Heart Muscle
  115. New scaffold designed to fix a broken heart
  116. Gene recipe regenerates damaged heart tissue
  117. Selected cells from blood or bone marrow may provide a route to healing blood vessels
  118. 'Smart' Adult Stem Cells Repair Hearts
  119. Heart Stem Cells Move Closer to Human Treatments
  120. No embryonic stem cells needed
  121. Bone Marrow Stem Cells Treat Heart Failure
  122. Study on effect of Placental Stem Cells on Type 2 Diabetics
  123. Therapy proves to be safe, not snake oil. U.S. finally determines this.
  124. Two Phase I trials studied patients with critical limb ischemia.
  125. Adipose stem cells benefit heart failure patients
  126. 'Firefly' stem cells may help repair damaged hearts
  127. 3-way control of fetal heart-cell proliferation could help regenerate cardiac cells
  128. Nanobacter treatment
  129. Aastrom Gets FDA Fast Track Status for Stem Cell Therapy for PAD
  130. Stem Cell Patch May Result in Improved Function Following Heart Attack
  131. Treating heart attack with fat-derived stem cells may be safe in humans
  132. Regenerative stem cell therapy offers new hope for treating cardiovascular disease
  133. Stem cells in fat may help repair damaged hearts
  134. Researchers find new way to repair damaged heart
  135. Evil drug co's
  136. Microthread Technology for Hearts
  137. Juventas Therapeutics Initiating Phase II Clinical Trial of JVS-100 for Treatment of
  138. Taurine reverses damage done by smoking and protects against heart disease
  139. Cardiac disease treatments could get help from patient-derived stem cells
  140. Using a child's own stem cells to repair their heart
  141. Skin cells help to develop possible heart defect treatment in first-of-its-kind study
  142. First Trial To Compare Autologous Cells With Donor Cells For Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  143. Adipose-derived stem cells chronic ischemic heart disease
  144. Sad News
  145. How Stem Cells are Saving Broken Hearts
  146. Heart damage improves, reverses after stem cell injections in a preliminary human tri
  147. Stem Cells Can Bring Heart Back To Normal After Attack
  148. Adding stem cells to common bypass surgery may reduce heart failure
  149. Mission to make cardiac stem cell treatment an option for all
  150. The heart's limitations
  151. Scientists Research Stem Cell Therapies for Cardiac Damage
  152. Juventas Therapeutics Completes Phase I Trial for Heart Failure
  153. Stem Cell trial volunteers thank doctors at reunion lunch
  154. Juventas Therapeutics and Heart Failure
  155. Columbia engineers patch a heart
  156. Heart cells derived from stem cells used to study heart diseases
  157. First U.S. patient enrolled in stem cell transplantation/cardiac bypass study
  158. New book explores stem cell therapies for heart disease
  159. Cytori Heart-Attack Treatment Shows Positive Results At 18 Months
  160. Damaged Hearts Could Be Encouraged To Self-Repair
  161. Patients' stem cells cure clogged arteries
  162. News Item
  163. Fargo, n.d.
  164. South Korea back in stem cell spotlight with new treatment
  165. Stem Cells May Ease Angina in Tough Cases
  166. Injecting Stem Cells into the Heart Could Stop Chronic Chest Pain
  167. Protein switch controls how stem cells turn into new heart tissue
  168. Repairing Hearts with Stem Cells
  169. Human Stem Cells Used to Fix Damaged Mouse Heart
  170. RegenoCELL Announces Panama To Be Country Where Patients Can Be Treated With Its Auto
  171. Study: Mature heart can't regenerate cells
  172. Lasers used to stimulate stem cells and reduce heart scarring
  173. After stem cell hype, a new hope for heart therapy in Minneapolis
  174. Stem cells to heart parts in 5 years, researchers say
  175. Mural cells from saphenous vein could have long-term benefits in heart attacks
  176. Lots of Laughs
  177. More from the ESC Congress/Generating iPSC's from hair follicles
  178. "Is Your Cardiologist Killing You"
  179. KGI Professor Awarded Patent For Stem-Cell Therapy Aiding Heart-attack Patients
  180. Help Please
  181. Green heart boost possibility of stem cell therapies
  182. Texans for Stem Cell Research Event in Austin Nov. 1
  183. Green Tea and Quercetin Prevent Telomere Loss from Cardio Stress
  184. Diseased Hearts to Heal Themselves in Future
  185. Post heart attack recovery may not be aided by stem cell injections
  186. Results triple researchers' projections with use of adult sc's for heart failure
  187. Fetal stem cells from placenta may help maternal heart recover from injury
  188. Heart repair with stem cells (cardiac cells)- biggest breakthrough in a generation -
  189. Newly discovered heart stem cells make muscle and bone
  190. Stem Cells Traced To Heart
  191. Stem Cells Show Promise For Repairing Damaged Hearts
  192. Emerson Perin and the Austin Forum
  193. Court case against Zannos Grekos
  194. Medistem's ERC, Russian trial for Heart Failure
  195. Adult Stem Cells Could Improve Angioplasy Outcome
  196. Ontario's first cardiac stem cell transplant performed last week at the Peter Munk
  197. Olive Leaf Lowers Blood Pressure
  198. Study: Cardiac stem cells can reverse heart attack damage
  199. Shorter telomeres correlate with a higher risk of heart attack
  200. Clinical Notes: Pivotal Trial Begins for Stem Cell Therapy
  201. Old age and death as a rumor!
  202. Stem Cells Flop in Heart Failure Study, but another study underway(see first 2 posts)
  203. Doctors treat child w/heart defect using a biodegradable scaffold
  204. Scientists link chromosome length to heart disease risk
  205. Stem Cells from Pelvic Bone May Preserve Heart Function
  206. Estimate your 10 year risk for heart disease
  207. Stem cell study shows promising results against heart failure
  208. Stem Cell Study Shows Promising Results Against Heart Failure
  209. Scientists turn skin cells into beating heart muscle
  210. Asking help from people with Dialated Cardiomyopathy or knowledge of the field.
  211. New stem cell technique promises abundance of key heart cells cardiomyocytes
  212. Type of stem cell may contribute to heart disease
  213. New Method Generates Cardiac Muscle Patches from Stem Cells
  214. 'Master molecule' may improve stem cell treatment of heart attacks
  215. Transcription factor that governs heart growth is found
  216. Stem Cells Show Promise as Heart Failure Treatment
  217. Cells from human placenta could be useful in treating heart disease
  218. Stem Cells Repair Hearts Early in Life, but Not in Adults
  219. Great news for Guinea Pigs
  220. DNA Blueprint Maps How A Heart Becomes A Heart
  221. Astragaloside and the heart
  222. Study: Stem cells from strangers can repair hearts
  223. Stem cells safely heal damaged hearts
  224. Breaking Barriers In Cardiovascular Treatments
  225. 'Fountain of Youth' Technique Rejuvenates Aging Stem Cells
  226. Instructing scar tissue to change itself into healthy tissue
  227. Building new organs
  228. Learning How Hearts Break
  229. Creating New Tissue Instead of Transplanting Hearts
  230. Mayo study: 'Smart' stem cells help heart failure patients
  231. Simple stem cell jab helps boost fitness in heart disease patients
  232. Gut bugs are implicated in heart attacks and stroke
  233. New gene therapy trials aim to mend broken hearts
  234. Scientists Build a Living Patch for Damaged Hearts
  235. Rejuvenating Hormone Found to Reverse Symptoms of Heart Failure
  236. Pioneering procedure uses patient’s own stem cells to heal his heart
  237. A stem-cell testing ground in Minnesota tries to heal damaged hearts
  238. Mayo Clinic puts stem cells to the test on infant heart defect
  239. Old drug may help aging hearts
  240. Tel Aviv scientists are healing hearts with gold
  241. Heart stem cells and LVAD may avoid transplants
  242. Stem cell therapy offers hope of eliminating need for heart transplants
  243. Ultimate goal is cellular 'patch' after heart attack
  244. Synthetic mRNA Can Induce Self-Repair and Regeneration of the Infarcted Heart
  245. A Helping Heart
  246. Packaging stem cells in capsules for heart therapy
  247. Stem cells in local test for angina
  248. Stem-Cell Therapy to Improve Blood Flow in Angina Patients
  249. Brown fat stem cells may lead to new treatments
  250. Dad of ‘Gossip Girl’ star gets experimental therapy in Utah