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  1. Researchers Show Optimal Framework for Heartbeats
  2. The heart’s own stem cells play their part in regeneration
  3. Mayo wins FDA approval to test stem-cell technique for heart patients
  4. NCKU Stem Cell Research Team Discovers Drug to Rejuvenate Aged Hearts
  5. 3000 patient clinical trial in Europe for heart attack patients
  6. From needing a heart transplant to being someone whose heart is in the normal range
  7. Heart cells respond to stiff environments
  8. Stem cells to the rescue: Repairing the hearts
  9. 'Mini heart' may help people with blood flow problems
  10. Your own stem cells can save your failing heart!
  11. FDA Approves CardioCell's Phase 2A Trial For CHF Stem Cell Therapy
  12. Oxygen Diminishes Heart's Regenerative Ability
  13. Stem cells in circulating blood affect cardiovascular health, study finds
  14. Cardiovascular health affected by stem cells in circulating blood
  15. Stem Cells: Viable Option for CHF or Pipe Dream?
  16. Stem cells to the rescue: Repairing the hearts
  17. Capricor and California Stem Cell Agency Say All is Well With $27 Million Investment
  18. Stem cell-stimulating therapy saves heart attack patients
  19. Cam get credit for saving heart attack victim's life
  20. Heart attack risk reduction of as high as 90 percent
  21. Heart function improved in rats 'by injecting discarded surgery fat'
  22. Stem Cell Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease
  23. Briton with advanced heart failure launches new gene therapy trial
  24. Advances in Cardiology
  25. Scientist honoured by the Vatican on verge of stem-cell breakthrough
  26. Stem Cells from Patient's Hip Help Heal his Heart
  27. “They pretty much told me, ‘You have to get your affairs in order"
  28. Infusion Catheter Used for First Time to Deliver Stem Cells Into Heart
  29. Learning How Hearts Break
  30. The promise of stem cell therapies is closer to reality
  31. Hybrid 'Patch' Could Replace Transplants
  32. Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute launches stem cell therapy research clinic
  33. New Device Can Slow, Reverse Heart Failure
  34. Can a body’s own stem cells help heal a heart?
  35. Japanese team develops cardiac tissue sheet from human iPS cells
  36. World-First Embryonic Stem Cell Trial for the Heart
  37. University of Houston Stem Cell Research Update
  38. Female stem cells could be better for heart repair, disease treatment
  39. Delivery of stem cells into heart muscle after heart attack may enhance repair
  40. Korean Research Team Discovers Way to Grow New Blood Vessels
  41. In landmark study of cell therapy for heart attack, more cells make a difference
  42. Stem Cell BioGenerator to Help Repair Broken Hearts
  43. Recipient of novel stem cell treatment 'well', doctor
  44. Spain uses stem cell therapy to treat damaged hearts
  45. British biotech firm sets crowdfunding record with heart drug
  46. Former rival scientists team up to use stem cells to mend broken hearts
  47. Study of human mesenchymal stem cells shows no therapeutic change in older subjects
  48. Can ‘off the shelf’ stem cell therapy treat heart failure patients?
  49. Temple tests stem cells for heart failure
  50. UM stem cell research on heart may go national
  51. Study Showing How Stem Cells Slow Aging May Lead to New Heart Failure Treatments
  52. Stem cell injection repairs damage to London man's heart after attack
  53. Regenerating Heart Tissue Through Stem Cell Therapy Video presentation
  54. Stem cells could be used to repair previously irreversible damage from heart attacks
  55. CardioCell developing stem cell therapy for chronic heart failure
  56. Better than Stem Cells: Researchers Develop a Faster Way to Treat the Heart
  57. Spain uses stem cell therapy to treat damaged hearts
  58. Fibrin and Stem Cell Patches Show Promise for Heart Healing
  59. Stem-Like Cell Exclusively Forms Heart Muscle
  60. The Heart is a Strange Sort of Organ
  61. Gill Heart Institute Researcher Explores Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Attack Patients
  62. Researchers develop patient-specific heart cells from stem cells
  63. Does a fish hold the key to regenerating the heart after a heart attack?
  64. Clinical Trial Using Autologous Stem Cells to Treat Pediatric Stroke
  65. Growing beating cardiac tissue from stem cells: New model for early heart development
  66. Bart Starr walking again after stem cell treatment
  67. Stem Cell Delivery Method Shows Promise For Treating End Stage Heart Failure
  68. Can we restart the heart?
  69. New stem cell delivery method shows promise for treating heart failure
  70. Getting into the groove helps stem cells switch into heart muscle cells
  71. Pediatric neurosurgeon studies cord blood's role in repairing nerve cells
  72. New 'Tissue Velcro' Could Help Repair Damaged Hearts, Lungs, Livers.........
  73. Stem cells could help mend a broken heart, but they’ve got to mature
  74. Spleen may provide new target for treating stroke's debilitating chronic inflammation
  75. Stem Cell Stroke Treatment in Peru
  76. The heart wants … tension
  77. After Miami stem cell therapy, NCIS agent back to old form
  78. Transplantation of Newly Discovered Stem Cells May Lead to Promising Stroke Therapy
  79. Mending hearts: UW gets $10 million for stem-cell trials
  80. Off-the-Shelf 3D Printer Hacked Towards Rebuilding the Heart
  81. Nanotechnology could spur new heart treatment
  82. Study finds combination stem cell therapy greatly improves cardiac function
  83. Hydrogel sticks to heart walls to promote stem cell repair after heart attack
  84. England's first ever stem cell brain injection carried out on stroke patient
  85. Bart Starr gets more stem cells in quest to return to Green Bay
  86. Device Diagnoses Stroke in Less than 10 Minutes with One Drop of Blood
  87. New stem-cell-based therapies to treat heart attack patients
  88. Reprogrammed Skin Cells Save Heart After Trauma
  89. Broken UV light leads to key heart muscle cell discovery
  90. Mysterious Mechanisms of Cardiac Cell Therapy
  91. How Do Stem Cell Transplants Produce Heart Regeneration?
  92. Mysterious Mechanisms of Cardiac Cell Therapy
  93. One-Year Results From Phase 2 Stroke Study Of MultiStem
  94. New stem therapy could support stroke patients
  95. Research shows stem cell infusion could be effective for most common type of heart fa
  96. Functional Heart Muscle Regenerated in Decellularized Human Hearts
  97. Donated Hearts Decellularized and Rebuilt with Patient's Own Cells
  98. Which Kind of Stem Cells for Aphasia, Stroke, Hearing Loss?
  99. Human Heart Successfully Created From Stem Cells May Be Less Likely to Be Rejected
  100. CardioCell Expands Chronic Heart Failure Phase IIa Clinical Trial
  101. Best Stem Cell Doctor/Clinic?
  102. Replacement Parts for Broken Hearts
  103. Stem cell therapy improves outcomes in severe heart failure
  104. Immune cells help the brain to self-heal after a stroke
  105. Teen Feels 'Hopeful' After Experimental Stem Cell Procedure on Damaged Heart
  106. Augusta University part of stem-cell study for heart failure treatment
  107. Stem cells show promise for treating heart failure, study finds
  108. Stem cell therapy shows potential for difficult-to-treat refractory angina patient po
  109. Heart defect prediction technology could lead to earlier, more informed treatment
  110. Adult neural stem cells: response to stroke injury and potential for therapeutic apps
  111. Stanford researchers ‘stunned’ by stem cell experiment that helped stroke patient....
  112. Can Tea Reduce Stroke Risk?
  113. Did stem cells prolong Gordie Howe's life?
  114. Global study shows stroke largely preventable
  115. Stem cells hope for angina treatment
  116. For the first time surgeons have reversed scarring in heart attack survivors
  117. Sub-set of stem cells found to minimize risks when used to treat damaged hearts
  118. Injectable Gels Could Prevent Future Heart Failure
  119. Stem cell therapy heals injured mouse brain
  120. Moving stem cells using no surgery
  121. CardioCell stem cells ‘improve well-being’ of heart failure patients
  122. Stem Cell Breakthrough Unlocks Mysteries Associated with Inherited Heart Condition
  123. Little Benefit From Intracardiac Stem Cells Seen in Large HF Trial
  124. Luminous heart cells: Jellyfish proteins assist in heart rhythm disorder research
  125. There’s hope for reversing stroke-induced long-term disability
  126. Stem cell 'heart patch' moves closer to clinic
  127. World’s First Synthetic Stem Cells Were Just Successfully Implanted
  128. Heart failure BREAKTHROUGH: Stem cells trial offers hope to millions
  129. Study shows stem cell therapy is safe for stroke patients
  130. 3D-printed patch can help mend a 'broken' heart
  131. Yet More Research Groups are Aiming to Make the Heart More Regenerative
  132. Heart failure: Stem cell therapy may worsen heart damage
  133. Heart attack: Blood vessel growth may improve treatment
  134. Stem cell discovery refreshes the heart
  135. Cardiac stem cells from young hearts could rejuvenate old hearts
  136. Clemson researcher looks to stem cells to treat heart failure
  137. Getting to the heart of the matter: Nanogels for heart attack patients
  138. Post heart attack: How can scar tissue be turned back into healthy heart muscle?
  139. Umbilical cord stem cells show promise as heart failure treatment
  140. Regular sauna use could slash men's hypertension risk
  141. Adjuvant (Experimental) Stroke Treatment - Do We Need Stem Cells at All?
  142. A Neurosurgeon’s Remarkable Plan to Treat Stroke Victims With Stem Cells
  143. END OF THE BYPASS Heart transplants could be obsolete within 10 years
  144. Researchers Demonstrate a Larger Heart Muscle Patch, but Generating Blood Vessels Re
  145. Bacterial fats may be the blame for heart disease
  146. FDA to fast track Mesoblast's cell therapy for heart failure
  147. How stem cells can extend stroke treatment window
  148. Making Heart Transplants Obsolete With Small Removable Pump
  149. High Doses of Vitamin D Rapidly Reduce Arterial Stiffness
  150. 'Decorated' stem cells could offer targeted heart repair
  151. Heart Muscle Patches as a Vehicle to Improve Cell Engraftment and Survival
  152. How stem cells extend the stroke treatment window/Clinical Trial
  153. Cardiac changes and sci
  154. Elimination Of P63 Gene Could Convert Scar Tissue Into Muscle Tissue In The Heart
  155. Suitable treatment after hemorrhagic stroke
  156. Delivery of Exosomes Improves Recovery from Stroke in Pigs
  157. Exercise could make the heart younger
  158. Revolutionary one-day stem cell treatment could save lives of hundreds of thousands
  159. Extracellular Vesicles Used to Promote Heart Regeneration in Rats
  160. Could saunas reduce stroke risk?
  161. Investigational therapy for heart failure uses patient's own cells....
  162. Novel stem cell therapy to be tested on local heart patients
  163. Eating Disorder and Cardiac Issues, Need Advice
  164. Progress Towards Ways to Make Old Stem Cells More Effective for Heart Repair
  165. A Living Miracle: Stem cell therapy help heals young child
  166. Stem cells breakthrough that could help thousands of heart patients
  167. Blood vessels reverse by the equivalent of 15 to 20 years
  168. Long-Term Study Shows Endothelial Progenitor Cells Are Safe for Stroke Patients
  169. A Clinical Trial of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Heart Disease Begins Next Yr
  170. Stem Cells in Blood Vessels Could Repair Damage After Heart Attack
  171. Tech breakthrough offers early warning system for heart attacks
  172. US government halts heart stem-cell study
  173. The Debate over the Existence of Heart Stem Cells Continues
  174. Can stem cells help a diseased heart heal itself?
  175. UTHealth enrolls first U.S. patient in novel stem cell trial to treat stroke...
  176. 'Training gym' for lab-grown heart cells: Engineering researchers design new platform
  177. First surgery in US using stem cells to treat stroke survivors completed at MCG
  178. Scientists discover new type of immune cells that are essential for forming........
  179. New drug limits damage to heart muscle from heart attack
  180. On Adult Cardiac Stem Cells and their Aging
  181. Scientists 'print' 3D heart using patient's tissue
  182. Injecting Self-Assembling Artificial Extracellular Matrix into a Damaged Heart
  183. Rejuvenate Bio to Launch a Gene Therapy Trial for Heart Failure in Dogs
  184. Stem cell scientists clear another hurdle in creating transplant arteries
  185. Concise Review: Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Patients: Are We There Yet?
  186. A Review of the State of Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Patients
  187. Can blueberries protect heart health?
  188. Are Stem Cells The Future Of Stroke Treatment?
  189. Mystery of why arteries harden may have been solved, say scientists
  190. Successful Trials Give Green Light to ‘Heart Patches’ .....
  191. Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improve Heart Regeneration via Macrophage Polarization
  192. Stem cell stimulation improves stroke recovery
  193. World first:Homing instinct applied to stem cells show cells 'home' to cardiac tissue
  194. Applying Bacterial Homing Strategies to Target Stem Cells to Heart Tissue
  195. Stem cell trial for stroke recovery