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  1. URGENT message from ASCTA
  2. URGENT message from ASCTA
  3. Patient website and petition for ASCTA
  4. Patient petition and site for ASCTA
  5. Why we need ASCTA and what you must do
  6. New ASCTA press release
  7. ASCTA press release 4-8-2009
  8. Facbook discussion to gain more support for ASCTA
  9. Facebook Discussion group for ASTCA awareness
  10. Comments from Dr. Young on our own stem cells
  11. A nasty blog that serves no good purpose
  12. Thanks for the new sub forum
  13. Dr. Young helps write lab guidelines for ASCTA
  14. ASCTA Webinar Contents 4-17-2009
  15. I need people to comment on the Christopher and Dana Reeve forum
  16. Liberty Forest forum
  17. Awareness Army
  18. New blog hosted by Dr. Schultz for ASCTA
  19. Dr. Amy's blog
  20. The FDA and Obama
  21. I need help designing a label
  22. Message from Dr. Centeno asking us for help
  23. Channel 7 Commentary and Comments - Need Action Now
  24. Scientist's blog shows no humanity
  25. My letter to the President
  26. Stem Cell therapy is even getting attacked on Runner's World forum
  27. Harvard Med School Students vs. Big Pharma
  28. ASCTA explains FDA's position
  29. What you need to know about fertility treatments
  30. Excellent Article regarding Autologous Cells
  31. FDA now says Botox may be harmful
  32. killerpillresearch- Medication awareness site
  33. Let's all go visit the FDA
  34. Good links for ASCTA
  35. Quack Watch needed quickly
  36. Man on Facebook says no one is that ill
  37. Texans for Stem Cell Research group needs our help
  38. ASCTA guidelines ready for review
  39. Fighting for a last chance at life
  40. ASCTA's press release today
  41. Will FDA kill adult stem cell medicine?
  42. FDA wants more funding. What a shock!
  43. ASCTA gets a good article in a Philadelphia paper
  44. U.S.'s First Adult Stem Cell Guidelines (ASCTA Drives Safe Stem Cell Practices
  45. ASCTA committment e-mail sent to doctors who participate in the Pioneer forum
  46. Doctor diagnosing by telephone ends in tragedy for woman with kidney stone
  47. Laughs from the CNN interview
  48. Stem Cell Pioneers blog welcomes your comments
  49. Useful information to help you understand what the FDA has done
  50. Key Health Care Senators Have Industry Ties
  51. My article exposes the FDA's great stall for A-ASC treatment
  52. Obama Stem Cell Policy Will Boost India R&D
  53. CNN article today
  54. Dr. Ecklund's letter to Senator Hatch
  55. More ways to help spread the ASCTA message
  56. CBS News story has idiotic comments
  57. Twittering for ASCTA
  58. Dr. Grekos raked over the coals by CNN
  59. NeoStem Dr Centeno
  60. The Australian version of CNN
  61. Finally a good story
  62. The latest press release from ICMS (ASCTA)
  63. Post your opinion on this site
  64. FDA Can't Determine How Much Funding They Need
  65. Governor Rendell says people are dying - but he got his facts mixed up
  66. Another report on the research "jobs program"
  67. A new face coming soon
  68. Zee's Post spurs action by ICMS
  69. Big Pharma spending $1.4 million PER DAY lobbying to influence Health Care reform
  70. Breaking news on Safe Stem Cells site
  71. Fund your own clinical trial
  72. NIH responds to my e-mail concerning clinical trials using stem cells
  73. Link for ICMS' effort to educate patients on foreign clinics
  74. Getting the word out for ICMS
  75. Stem Cell Awareness Day ideas needed
  76. PatriciaB3749 is getting the word out - are you?
  77. What it's going to take to save lives. Where do you fit in?
  78. Urgent Request For Volunteers To Fly To Washington Dc
  79. ICMS needs volunteers
  80. Stem Cell Therapy Awareness Day
  81. Chronic disease figures are staggering
  82. October Newletter for ICMS
  83. Join ICMS Month In Full Swing
  84. Nov. 5 ICMS Conference Agenda
  85. Need response to a story
  86. Dr. Feinerman's review of ICMS conference in Las Vegas
  87. Common Sense from ICMS
  88. Envisioning a world without the FDA
  89. Good article by Dr. Centeno
  90. New website for ICMS
  91. ICMS Publishes Guidelines for Tracking the Safety of Stem Cell Procedure Safety
  92. Adult Stem Cell Treatments in Japan
  93. 2010
  94. Dr. Centeno to speak at upcoming conference
  95. Drs. Centeno and Young give credit to the Stem Cell Pioneers
  96. ICMS Offshore guide is far more practical than the ISSCR's idea of world regulation
  97. Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
  98. Good article on Dr. Centeno - Please comment on it
  99. Drs. Grekos and Centeno featured in this article
  100. Refugees, Not Tourists When It Comes to Treatment
  101. ICMS Offshore guide is far more practical than the ISSCR's idea of world regulation
  102. A most inaccurate letter and my response
  103. Second Edition of ICMS Off Shore Stem Cell Clinic Report is Here
  104. Dr. Centeno in the news
  105. High Dose Narcotic for Moderate Knee Arthritis??
  106. Nature article on ICMS
  107. Another article that presumes
  108. More from the great global stem cell army
  109. Back to snake oil and the Ukranian child's story
  110. Irv Weisman's own self interest in stem cell therapy
  111. Irv comes clean (sort of)
  112. An oldie but a goodie
  113. International Stem Cell Organization Adds Notable Bioethicist to Board
  114. The Pro-Life Case for Stem Cell Treatment
  115. Hooray for Deborah Leader!
  116. Age Management Conference in Las Vegas Agenda Announced
  117. Add Dr. Daley to the list of those duped
  118. Dr. Centeno's advice to other age management physicians
  119. A forward thinking blogger
  120. Repair stem cells newsletter responds to claims made by the ISSCR
  121. Dr. Abrams - Get off your political bandwagon
  122. International Society publishes Open Letter to Stem Cell Clinics
  123. Colorado Medical Clinic Welcomes Opportunity to Fight FDA in Court
  124. Is Irv being replaced?
  125. Regenerative Sciences and the FDA - FAQs
  126. Please help by posting your comments
  127. More damning information
  128. FDA is busy, busy, busy
  129. Human Embryonic Stem Cells Market Projected to Reach $ 10.7 Billion by 2015
  130. Longevitymeme.org chips in
  131. Nature article on Dr. Centeno
  132. "FDA Stops Stem Cells" article grabs worldwide attention
  133. Med Page Survey-Please Vote for Stem Cells
  134. Some interesting tidbits from the scientific community
  135. My copy of the latest ICMS Newsletter
  136. Irv and his buddies are at it again
  137. Message from Dr. Centeno
  138. Repairing Life
  139. Overview of the ICMS lab by Dr. Centeno
  140. Stem-cell scientists grapple with clinics
  141. ICMS Update
  142. Recap of Dr. Centeno's fight for patients
  143. ICMS Issues Statement in Support of Patient's Rights
  144. News from Dr. Grossman
  145. ICMS has published its 3rd edition of its Currents in Stem Cell Medicine
  146. Interesting summary of the FDA vs Regenerative Science case
  147. ICMS Issues Letter for Clinic Accreditation
  148. ICMS and AABB Announce Alliance
  149. International Society Reports Findings from Investigation into Patient Death
  150. Regenerative Medicine Institute MX Granted Full Accreditation by ICMS
  151. ICMS Publishes Regulations for Medical use of Stem Cells in Mexico
  152. Doug Sipp blog exposed again as he uses ICMS as his whipping boy
  153. ICMS and AABB Collaborate
  154. Rsci