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  1. STEM CELL CLINICAL TRIALin MA for children with either the CLN1 or CLN2 mutation
  2. Clinical Trials - Lung Diseases
  3. Clinical Trials - End-Stage Heart Failure
  4. Stem Cell Phase I & II Clev Clinic, Univ. Fl, Minn Heart Insti & Vanderbult Univer.
  5. Why I chose Stem Cells over the Ease Clinical Trial
  6. China,HK,Taiwan trial
  7. Clinical Trial Results
  8. Clinicals
  9. FDA Okays Companies? Phase I Stem Cell Trial In Acute Myocardial Infarction
  10. At last a trial for stem cell recipients
  11. Another Stem CEll Therapy for Osteoarthritis
  12. Osiris
  13. Lung repair drug trial
  14. Osiris trials for COPD in SC and CA and VT
  15. Clinical Trials for MS
  16. Clinical Trial at the Stem Cell Center of the Texas Heart Institute
  17. Osiris Completes Enrollment of Stem Cell Trial to Treat Pulmonary Disease
  18. Cardiac clinicals
  19. Upcoming trials
  20. Nepsis pilot studies
  21. ALS stem cell clinical trials
  22. UK trial for stroke patients
  23. Stem cell eye surgery to be tried
  24. Way to go Scotland
  25. Cell Advance Treatment Protocol Message from Dr. Young
  26. Clinical Trial - Stem Cell Therapy for Pulmonary Hypertension
  27. Cardiac trial using adult stem cells
  28. Cliinical Trials U-Tube
  29. retinoic acid
  30. Indian company ready for trials
  31. Osiris Therapeutics
  32. Phase II study for Prochymal in heart attack cases
  33. TRial for MS
  34. Clinical trial suspended pending investigation
  35. StemCellPatents.com Applauds ISCO
  36. Fate study begins for patients with hematologic malignancies
  37. Outsourcing clinical trials to China
  38. Clinical for Sjogren syndrome
  39. Stem Cell Clinical Trials Who are Recruiting Particpants - Aug 2009
  40. FDA puts Geron's ESC trial for SCI on hold
  41. Pluristem Beings PAH Clinical Trial
  42. Success with degenerative intervertebral disc disease
  43. Diabetic foot clinical trial in India
  44. CoQ10 to be used in Parkinson's Trial
  45. ALS stem cell clinical trials
  46. Osiris to test Prochymal on first time heart attack patients
  47. Another failure for Osiris
  48. Trial for CHF
  49. Stem Cell Advance as compare to Stem Enhance
  50. Geron may be cleared to resume SCI clinical trial next year
  51. Outsourcing of clinicals to other countries gains in popularity
  52. Cardiac Stem Cell Clinical Trial
  53. Stem cell scientists urge clinical trials in U.S.
  54. Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trial for Heart Disease
  55. 2nd company requests FDA permission for a human clinical trial using esc
  56. Cardiac trial ahead of schedule!
  57. Bone Marrow Stem Cells for Brain Injury: Children 1-8 years
  58. Phase I trial for ALS approved
  59. Biologics and stem cells combo to treat ischemic heart disease
  60. Free trip in exchange for being a guinea pig
  61. Entest near start up for COPD study
  62. Stem Cell clinical trials - 1/24/2010
  63. Osiris Completes Enrollment in Stem Cell Trial for Type 1 Diabetes
  64. Stem Cell Clinical Trial in Scotland for Stroke Patients
  65. First FDA clinical trial of stem cells to treat Cerebral Palsy begins
  66. Placebos may have actual biological effect in the body
  67. Michigan Company ready for Phase 3 clinical trial for critical
  68. Clinical Trial for Urinary Incontenence
  69. Hearing loss preclinical in the works hopefully
  70. CLinical Trial for patients with patients with leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma,
  71. Novel Stroke Treatment Passes Safety Stage Of UCI-Led Clinical Trial
  72. CLinical Trial underway in Ireland for Crohn's Disease
  73. Clinical trial for Spinal Cord Injuries coming soon
  74. Clinical Trial for recent Spinal Cord injuries in Irvine CA
  75. Cancer Research by U.S. Disorganized, Underfunded, Study Says
  76. Useful stroke trials left unpublished
  77. Are research participants safe enough?
  78. Scotland's got a leg up on efficiency in clinical trials
  79. Osiris Resumes Enrollment in Stem Cell Trial for Crohn's Disease
  80. crohn's disease
  81. diabetes
  82. Safety Study of Cell Therapy to Treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  83. Kidneying Around with Adult Stem Cells
  84. Trial fails after high placebo response
  85. Post heart attack recruits needed for sc trial
  86. FDA approves first human neural stem cell clinical trial to treat brain tumors
  87. Life Extension is Funding Study of Therapy That Cured Cancer in 100% of Mice
  88. UK trial for osteoarthritis
  89. Parntership Will Speed Up Time Between Research And Clinical Trials
  90. Stem Cell research for spinal cord injuries finally approved
  91. Duke Stem Cell Clinical Trial Addresses Leg Circulation
  92. Researchers testing stem cell therapy for Congestive Heart Failure
  93. Stem cell therapy may help circulation problems in legs
  94. Clinical Trials site
  95. Neuralstem wants trials on spinal patients
  96. Bioheart Reports Significant Improvements In Heart Failure Patients
  97. New site has stem cell based clinical trial information
  98. SCI clinical trial for Geron gets underway
  99. First Stem Cell Trial For Spinal Cord Injury Patients To Begin Soon!
  100. New clinical trials posted
  101. The Miami Project - Spinal Cord Injuries
  102. Clinical Trial for ALS to Begin Soon
  103. Stem Cells Taken From Placentas
  104. Update from Dr. Perez on COPD patient in adipose sc clinical trial at RMI
  105. MS/ALS trial shows promise
  106. Clinical Study to Evaluate Efficacy of FG-3019
  107. Geron's Spinal Chord Injury Trial Has Begun.
  108. Neuralstem Updates ALS Clinical Trial Progress
  109. So, what's in a placebo, anyway?
  110. Patient death mars promising MS results in PhII ocrelizumab trial
  111. UK starts world's first stroke stem cell trial
  112. World's first stem cell trial for stroke patients
  113. Trial to enroll patients with Stargardt's macular dystrophy
  114. California Stem Cell Inc. Files IND to Commence Phase I Clinical Trial in SMA
  115. Trial Suggests New Treatment Option for Hodgkin Lymphoma
  116. Advanced Cell Technology Cleared to Test Stem-Cell Therapy for Vision Loss
  117. Adult Stem Cell Trial for Heart Patients in Houston Texas
  118. UCSC's for pediatric brain trauma injury
  119. Aldagen wins FDA?s OK to test stem-cell therapy for stroke
  120. Bioheart: Stem cell study shows promise
  121. Geron recruits first patient in Imetelstat Phase 2 trial for Cancer
  122. Arteriocyte gets FDA approval to begin critical limb ischemia clinical trial
  123. ALS Trial Advances
  124. Indacaterol trials
  125. Stem cell trials in India
  126. Osiris Therapeutics Completes Enrollment of Stem Cell Trial
  127. Trial recruitment sites must avoid false hopes
  128. Athersys & Pfizer Collaborate on Proprietary Stem Cell Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis
  129. Patient recruitment stymies StemCells rare disease program
  130. India's first stem cell trial
  131. Patient Dies in Pfizer Drug Study
  132. Athersys plans to begin first stroke clinical study by end of year
  133. Celiac disease vaccine shows promising results in Phase I trial
  134. A Message From ISCO CEO Kenneth Aldrich Regarding Ongoing Clinical Trials
  135. Scientists discover new method for engineering human tissue regeneration
  136. Clinical Trial: Using stem cells for Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy (SMD)
  137. Stem Cell Clinical trial in Mesa AZ for PAD
  138. The use of placebo in RA clinical trials may negatively impact patients
  139. Type 1 diabetes treatment
  140. Pioneering stem cell bandage receives approval for clinical trial
  141. First patients picked for next human embryonic stem cell experiment
  142. Investigational surgical procedure for peripheral vascular disease
  143. Stem Cells May Treat Bone Fractures
  144. Stem-cell trial seeks to improve patients' poor leg circulation
  145. Clinical Trial for MS in the UK
  146. Aastrom Enters Final-Stage Trial With Stem-Cell Therapy for CLI Patients
  147. Stromedix to begin recruiting for IPF clinical trial
  148. FibroGen Announces the Initiation of Phase 2 Study to Evaluate FG-3019 in IPF
  149. Mesoblastís Phase 2 Stem Cell Trial for Lumbar Disc Repair
  150. Clinical Trial for end-stage PAD in Western Michigan
  151. Regenerative Medicine Institute, Mexico announces current clinical protocols
  152. Bone marrow stem cell therapy safe for acute stroke: report
  153. Pioneering UK stem cell trial for stroke passes safety test
  154. Neurosurgeons use adult stem cells to grow neck vertebrae
  155. EU clears stem cell trial for broken hearts
  156. Clinical Trial List submitted by Dr. Macchiarini
  157. BioHeart announces US clinical trial using data from Regenerative Medicine Institute
  158. Head and neck cancer stem cell clinical trial at Univ. of Colorado
  159. Stem Cell Technology Begins Clinical Trial for ALS
  160. Bay Area patient gets paralysis stem-cell therapy
  161. ImmuneWorks to open 4 more clinical trial sites for IPF trial
  162. Stem Cell Based Clinical Trials Worldwide
  163. Clinical Trial for Blindness in UK
  164. Clinical Trial in Austin TX for PAD
  165. Progress in getting end stage liver disease clinical trial up and running
  166. FDA cleared stem cell study in Phoenix for low back pain
  167. Stem-Cell Clinical Trials Move Debate Beyond Labs
  168. Cord Blood Cells Study for Children with Brain Injuries
  169. Pig-to-human tissue transplants 'imminent'
  170. European Clinical trials and stem cell treatments
  171. Geron Presents Clinical Data Update From GRNOPC1 Spinal Cord Injury Trial
  172. Update on Neuralstem's ALS trial
  173. Mesoblast Cleared to Begin First Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Eye Diseases
  174. Entest signs agreement to collaborate on dog study
  175. Mesoblast posts successful results from diabetes stem cell trial
  176. Clinical trial finds vitamin D increases telomerase activity
  177. ALS stem cell trial still recruiting
  178. Phase 1 trial begins for brain cancer using sc and gene therapy
  179. Safety & Feasibility of Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Transplant Into Injured Spinal Cord
  180. Safety Study of Umbilical Cord Blood To Treat Pediatric Traumatic Brian Injury
  181. Japanese launch iPS cell trial for untreatable eye disease
  182. Largest ever heart stem cell studies get underway
  183. Clinical Trial for MS in the UK
  184. Bioheart Files with the FDA to Begin the ANGEL Trial
  185. Abandoning the Stem Cell Clinical Trial Ship
  186. Summary of COPD and Cardiac clinical trials at RMI of Mexico
  187. Missing Medical Data Could Harm Patients
  188. New hope of cure for diabetes
  189. University of Kentucky offers stroke stem cell trial
  190. University of Miami
  191. Clinical Trial for Macular Degeneration
  192. Clinical Trials Remain Unpublished - Unbelievable!
  193. Study: Stem cells may aid vision in blind people
  194. Mesoblast gets ok from FDA for Phase II sc treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
  195. StemCells, Inc. Receives FDA Authorization for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Clini
  196. Cord blood for hearing loss
  197. Sistemic joins £5m arthritis stem cell research project
  198. Athersys, University Hospitals partner for clinical trials of MultiStem for stroke
  199. U of M researchers aim to restore heart muscle using stem cells
  200. Medistem Inc. to Add Kidney and Lung Failure to Clinical Trials
  201. Stem cell trials aim to reverse ischemic strokes
  202. Largest gene therapy trial for cystic fibrosis begins
  203. Clinical Trial: Stem cell therapy for septic shock
  204. Stem Cell Clinical Trial Under Way for Low Back Pain at Leading AZ Pain Clinic
  205. Stem cell jab that repairs liver
  206. Additional site for age-related macular degeneration clinical trial
  207. FDA approves Pluristem Clinical Stem Cell Trial for Severe Limping
  208. Body planning clinical research in Japan with embryonic stem cells for liver disease
  209. Clinical trials often fall short
  210. Stifling New Cures: The True Cost of Lengthy Clinical Drug Trials
  211. Mass Eye and Ear - Clinical Trial for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  212. Two stem cell therapies from Cytomedix to start trials; stroke study expands
  213. Drugmakers pledge transparency to tackle credibility problem
  214. Pan-European OPTISTEM Stem cell clinical trials
  215. San Antonio TX - Clinical Trials for new Medicines and Medical Devices
  216. Medistem Achieves Important ERC Stem Cell Clinical Trial Milestone
  217. Stem cells used to repair damaged eyes in world-first Aussie trial
  218. Stroke Treatment Using Stem Cells Shows Early Promise In Controversial Trial
  219. Stem Cell Clinical Trials May Be Headed For Prim
  220. Phase I/II Trial In Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  221. Justice for Injured Research Subjects
  222. FDA approves clinical trials for new stem cell therapy for heart attack patients
  223. Human trials for potential HIV stem cell cure
  224. Update: How to Tell When A Drug Company Fibs About Clinical Trial Results
  225. BB3 mimics the effects of hepatocyte growth factor
  226. Mesoblast eyes human trials of stem cell treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
  227. A randomized trial of mesenchymal stem cells in multiple system atrophy
  228. ALS Clinical Trial now in Ann Arbor MI
  229. US bill seeks tighter reporting requirements for ClinicalTrials.gov
  230. Pluristem wins permit for muscle regeneration trial
  231. Case Medical Center to Study Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Treatment
  232. TiGenix completes recruitment for arthritis trial
  233. Green light for next stage of stem cell stroke trial
  234. Univ of Edinburgh Scotland added to SMD Trial
  235. FDA Gives Green Light for Groundbreaking Clinical Trial for Autism
  236. COPD Study
  237. Considerations For Improving Patient Recruitment
  238. Clinical Trial in the Netherlands for Bone Marrow Stem Cells and COPD
  239. Topol: Get Rid of the Randomized Trial; Here's a Better Way
  240. mHealth Could Cut Clinical Trial Time And Money In Half
  241. A Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trial of MSC's in COPD
  242. Personality Predicts Placebo Effect
  243. Stem cell vet ACT aims for pioneering human trial of iPS-cell-derived therapy
  244. Better way than conventional clinical trials proposed
  245. Stem Cell Therapy to Repair Damaged Knee Cartilage
  246. First Stroke Patients In Florida Treated In UM Stem Cell Trial
  247. FDA approves UCLA IND application to commence embryonic stem cell-based trial
  248. Study Aims to Use Stem Cells to Help Save Sight of Diabetes Sufferers
  249. Japan researchers close in on stem cell trial for macular degeneration
  250. Study results take almost two years to be released