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  1. What color are your eyes?
  2. New record
  3. Thank You
  4. need info on portable oxygen
  5. Flying with oxygen
  6. flu shots and pnemonia shots
  7. Re.. Concerned Biologist!!!
  8. Recipe's
  9. Flu jab
  10. Crossing border from Mexico into U.S.
  11. Some very sad news
  12. Oxygen
  13. a little late
  14. Plan to Fly after May 2008?
  15. Is treatment tax deductible?
  16. Could High Nitric Oxide Production Contribute to Increased Oxygen in the Blood?
  17. The Book is Awesome!!!!
  18. Name change
  19. oxyegen on the plane
  20. Reader's Digest article
  21. Other Pionerrs?
  22. Book review for "Stem Cell Pioneers"
  23. A really special night
  24. Forum Fund
  25. SCB: File BBB Complaint
  26. What is your Blood Type?
  27. Stem Cell Treatment
  28. Dr. Young's contact e-mail
  29. Stem Cell Pioneer Book
  30. novac cure
  31. Take care...
  32. Please pray...
  33. im back, what have l missed?
  34. In honor of a true physican
  35. My Grandaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. my mom had a heart attack yesterday
  37. Meeting Nassin
  38. Tax time
  39. Lyme Disease!!! ALS, Parkinsons, Autism might be related!
  40. In memory of Anney, a great Pioneer
  41. Do not snort pine cones
  42. Urgent safety warning on Quinalone Antibiotics
  43. Swine flu information
  44. Researchers find first common autism gene
  45. I had a great night tonight
  46. Young boys growing breasts & lactating from Risperdal
  47. How Your Computer's Idle Time Can Help Find Cures For Major Diseases
  48. Can Anyone Sew
  49. More and more joining the 100 year club
  50. Source of cost in healthcare
  51. If you don't like what AARP has done.........
  52. Swine Flu Jab Linked to Killer Nerve Disease-
  53. Diabetes Type I linked to wheat
  54. Okay to fly
  55. Database of disciplined nurses
  56. Health Care Workers Reluctant to have vaccinations against seasonal flu
  57. The Million Med March on Washington
  58. IBM aims for personalized medicine with DNA chip
  59. Difference between the Symptoms of a Cold and H1N1 Flu
  60. Medical Tourism -- An Expert Interview With Michael Horowitz, MD, MBA
  61. Masks to reduce risk of H1N1 exposure
  62. Fraud in medical tourism business?
  63. Statins for influenza. Why don't we know if it works yet?
  64. Overuse of Antibiotics Threatens to Halt Vital Medical Treatments
  65. Short survey concerning your patient care
  66. Funds Demanded to Study Ethical Quandaries
  67. Vaccines become more attractive to drug developers
  68. #1 Flu and Cold Medication Mistake
  69. Spammers getting more sophisticated
  70. 7 Highly Effective Habits of Happy People With Illness
  71. Tamiflu effectiveness questioned
  72. Mice Holding Back Muscular Dystrophy Research
  73. FDA gives okay to market drugs to healthy people
  74. So much for "peer reviewed"
  75. Identifying the role of IL-35
  76. News from the Biotech world
  77. Bill Gates worries climate money robs health aid
  78. Tricky T Cells
  79. Utah Genetic Web Sites Honored
  80. Why drugs cost so much
  81. Homeopathy
  82. FDA Oversight of Unproven Drugs is Lacking
  83. FDA budget draws cries of 'not enough'
  84. Happy Valentine's Day
  85. A Possible Alternative Treatment for Osteoporosis
  86. John Hopkins Newsletter on possible new treatments for COPD
  87. Desktop X-Ray Lasers Coming Soon
  88. Denture adhesives
  89. Stop The Full Body X-Ray Scanners At The Airport
  90. Hyperbaric oxygen treatmemt
  91. Why some may feel more pain than others
  92. Experts say US doctors overtesting, overtreating
  93. Legal Resources for suing TSA
  94. Why US Healthcare Costs Are Out of Control: Two Insiders' Perspectives
  95. A potential TSA litigator has responded
  96. The Public Lashes Out AGainst the Body Scanners
  97. CNN reveals documents on Pfizer's health care fraud
  98. Hate this life!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. Looking for a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic
  100. Look what $30 can buy
  101. Vinpocetine helps with more than improved memory
  102. New FBI Initiative calls for collaboration with scientists
  103. FDA - Eye opening
  104. WHO caught in scandal with H1N1 vaccine manufacturers
  105. Millions of vaccine doses to be burned
  106. New Drug Restores Hearing
  107. 94 charged in Medicare scams totaling $251M
  108. Is There Hope for Glenn Beck?s Eyes?
  109. The History of EECP and Heart Disease and Stroke
  110. Potential Treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension Discovered
  111. Free statins with fast food could neutralize heart risk, scientists say
  112. Drug Industry: A Market for Harm?
  113. copd living sign in
  114. Should Your Charity Dollars Be Given to a For-Profit Drug Company?
  115. Patients Wary of Doctors' Relationships with Big Pharma
  116. flu season coming new shot for seniors
  117. Get Your Genes Sequence For Only $66
  118. Researchers find drug combination may treat traumatic brain injury
  119. Scientists find clue to cell damage after stroke
  120. Potentially Groundbreaking Use for Ultrasound
  121. Liquorice root may protect brain cells
  122. Bringing Mammoths Back to Life
  123. NIH $30 Billion a year into medical research
  124. No Real Healthcare Cost Crisis
  125. Sea Creature Whiskers
  126. How the FDA Turned a $10 Treatment into a $30,000 med
  127. Mitochondrial Dysfunction - How Important is it?
  128. German scientists have found a way of treating pulmonary arterial hypertension
  129. Medical Mysteries: NIH Clinical Center: There's No Other Hospital Like It
  130. A protective molecule has been identified in the brain
  131. help
  132. Doctors with drug company ties
  133. Study confirms link between rheumatoid arthritis and COPD
  134. National Science Foundation: Under the Microscope
  135. Mutated Muscle Protein Causes Deafness
  136. A new stink over breast cancer fundraising, lawsuits, and perfume
  137. Hospital Math has gotten out of Control
  138. Lithium profoundly prevents brain damage associated with Parkinson's disease
  139. Is the AMA Relevant?
  140. Nice dinner
  141. Better than stem cells?
  142. Dangerous Docs Go Undisciplined
  143. 15 minutes of exercise a day can extend life by three years
  144. To: Regine, re: Eclipse Sequel 3
  145. Selling Diseases
  146. New Cellular Surprise May Have Implications for Human Diseases
  147. Breaching the blood-brain barrier
  148. LivLong - New Product
  149. How Old Are you?
  150. Telomere length in cardiovascular disease
  151. Genes Fact Sheet
  152. "Overuse" of a dozen different treatments costing billions
  153. Scientist Joe Wong is a stand up guy
  154. How Can We Curb the Medical-Testing Epidemic?
  155. The incredible shrinking laboratory or 'lab-on-a-chip'
  156. Spider Brain Too Large for Head
  157. Pharma asks the money question earlier for new drugs
  158. Round worms used to treat Austism, other diseases successfully
  159. Preventive care: It's free, except when it's not
  160. Too many tests? Routine checks getting second look
  161. Counterfeit drugs becoming big business worldwide
  162. The Fall of Phantom/We have an author in our midst
  163. The Horrible Truth About Premarin
  164. Why online security is taxing our brains
  165. Why I Won’t Get a Colonoscopy by John Horgan
  166. Breathalyzer reveals signs of disease
  167. FlexLeg wants to put injured back in action
  168. 6 Year Old Boy with CP
  169. Government Issues Study of a Study About Studies
  170. Spilled Milk Has Large Carbon Footprint
  171. 2-Hour Therapy Cures Spider Phobia by Rewiring the Brain
  172. Paying Medical Bills in Cash Slashes Costs
  173. Rethinking the Promise of Genomics - H+ Magazine
  174. What are They Tweeting? Uses of Twitter by Pharma…
  175. Update on Colorado
  176. Earth clinic home remedy site
  177. Smiling Helps People Recover from Stress
  178. Are You Considering Complementary Medicine?
  179. Traditional Chinese Medicine
  180. Co-founder of Stem Cell Pioneers meets w/Ryan today in NH to discuss ObamaCare, small
  181. Plastic Skin Heals Itself
  182. Think preventive medicine will save money? Think again
  183. The Effects of End of Day Housework on Both Men and Women
  184. This is your brain on neuroscience
  185. Bioengineered ear looks, acts like the real thing
  186. Even Ancient Mummies Had Clogged Arteries
  187. Israel Again: A Fantastic Advance
  188. COPD Living Forum
  189. Researchers claim gray hair and vitiligo reversed at the root
  190. Princeton engineers "print" functioning artificial ear
  191. Glowing Plants: Coming to a Garden near You
  192. Aging, and the Cure of the Diseases of Aging
  193. Mail Order Pharmacies -- the good, the bad, and the ugly
  194. The Cinnamon Challenge and How It Damages Your Lungs
  195. Affordable Care Act Bring Big Trouble
  196. Increased Muscle Mass In The Elderly Achieved By Dietary Supplement
  197. Life-extending mechanism of Rhodiola explored
  198. Could your 3D printer make you ill?
  199. United Pharmacies
  200. Diabetes Drug Metformin May Impair Cognition, Study Finds
  201. Air pollution a leading cause of cancer - U.N. agency
  202. Vitamin C could ease muscle fatigue in COPD patients
  203. The Top 5 Foods to Fight Lung Inflammation (Part I)
  204. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ! This happened to me today - Oct 20, 2013
  205. The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid
  206. Dad Pleading for Unapproved Cancer Drug Dies/FDA control out of control
  207. Only Half of Drugs Removed by Sewage Treatment
  208. Polymer Gel, Heal Thyself: New composites could regenerate when damaged
  209. Cold germs are hardier than previously thought: study
  210. Acupuncture
  211. Synthetic Mary Jane for Osteoarthitis!
  212. Older Brains Slow from Greater Experience
  213. Cochlear implants — with no exterior hardware
  214. Tattoos that Cure Disease
  215. French Clinical Trial of PneumRx RePneu LVR Coil Fully Enrolled in Record Time
  216. Prosthetics aren't just for people: 'My Bionic Pet' highlights disabled animals that
  217. How Americans Die
  218. Electronic nose sniffs out prostate cancer using urine samples
  219. Cleveland Clinic clinical trial to help emphysema patients with breathing
  220. 10 Reasons To Think Twice Before Going To The Doctor (Advice From An MD)
  221. Hospitals Seek Affluent Immigrants
  222. COPD Treatment with Salt Therapy
  223. COPD: Benefits of high dose N-acetylcysteine
  224. Medicare on drugs: 24,000 tests for 145 patients
  225. New Device to aid COPD patients wins Gold
  226. Fluorides, the Atomic bomb, and a spy
  227. 13 Powerful Antibiotics That Don’t Require a Prescription
  228. New diagnostic tool for valley fever, spread by desert dust
  229. A Cooler Bedroom May Boost Metabolism
  230. The Only Good Thing About Being Ill
  231. World’s First 3D Printed Vertebrae!
  232. Growing a New Thymus From Engineered Cells
  233. Wearable Artificial Kidney
  234. Mali health workers get experimental GSK vaccine in Ebola trials
  235. 'Health' Can be Bought on the Internet
  236. Israeli company offers to manufacture what may be a cure for Ebola
  237. Autodesk Genetic Engineer is Able to 3D Print Viruses, Soon to Attack Cancer Cells
  238. New Zealand Company Will 3D Print Your Brain
  239. Google Working on Cancer-detecting Pill
  240. Restoring Hearing After Acoustic Trauma
  241. India gets minister for yoga and traditional medicine
  242. Israel develops revolutionary medical marijuana inhaler
  243. Cost to Develop a Drug More Than Doubles to $2.56 Billion
  244. NAC -- Friend or Foe?
  245. More Realistic Exercise Targets Needed
  246. Sauna-goers may live longer
  247. Slowing the aging process
  248. 3D Printing with Animal Bone May Regenerate Human Bones
  249. Hormones and joint regeneration
  250. Watch As Researchers Create Beating, 3D Printed Heart Organoid